New Wolfmother Moblog

June 30, 2006

Wolfmother have recently launched a Moblog competition over at, giving you the chance to contribute to a new Woman video, to be played exclusively through Kerrang online the week before the official release of the single.

If you fancy a shot at it and have a video enabled mobile phone, all you need to do is shoot your own 30 second version of the new video, upload it to the site and hope it gets picked! Videos are published instantly and others can view and comment on your creativity.

Oh, did I also mention that the winner gets VIP tickets to the Reading Festival in the UK? Or that the runner up gets signed copies of the crumpled paper frames from the original Woman video? Get to it …

New single release! Woman, Austalia only

June 18, 2006

Wolfmother just announced that they are releasing Woman in Australia

The single includes two remixes – the popular MSTRKRFT remix, and the Avalanche remix.

An added bonus is a live performance of Dimension from this year’s Big Day Out.

Wolfmother are MTV’s “artist of the week”

June 13, 2006

MTV have featured Wolfmother as their Artist of the Week!

Another great accolade for the band, and a decent write up by MTV too.

Go see the page here

Yet another FREE LA show

June 9, 2006

You LA dwellers are being spoiled – yet another TV show coming up for which you can get FREE tickets! The Jimmy Kimmel show will be recorded on June 15th.

In fact, not just a TV show, but an outdoor mini-concert! For free!

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up now.

IGN Review: Wolfmother Howl

June 4, 2006

IGN, the gaming goliath, is expanding its scope to cover music, mobies, tv … pretty much everything else!

As part of the music section, IGN sent Chad Grischow to the Chicago show last week, and he’s written up a great review of it, including details of the supporting acts and the setlist.

Chad’s final comment? “… Wolfmother is well on their way to becoming a ‘must see’ band”. I agree, Chad, I agree.