Wolfmother II ??

July 10, 2007

Andrew Stockdale - Gibson ES 1274

The band finally finished their mammoth tour last weekend with the Live Earth gig.  I am sure they are taking a well earned rest before heading to the studio to record their second album.

There is currently a lot of discussion on the wolfmother forums and elsewhere on the ‘net about the name of the next album. Lots of backing for or arguments against Wolfmother II. Someone has even started a Wikipedia article, though by Wikipedia’s very nature I really don’t think that the article, without any sources, can be relied upon.

So what would you think if they called it Wolfmother II? Good idea? Bad idea? What would you call it instead?

Still no sign of the Grammy

July 5, 2007

Grammy AwardAlthough it is five months since the Grammy ceremony where Wolfmother won their award for Best Hard Rock Performance, the band still haven’t received the Grammy itself.

On the night itself, winners hold a dummy award and receive the real thing some time afterwards, after it has been engraved.

The band will be heading home to Aus this week (they are performing at Live Earth this weekend), but it looks like they won’t have the shiny gold trophy on their mantelpiece for a while yet.