Naughty Andrew

August 21, 2007

Andrew StockdaleThe normally mild mannered, softly spoken, frontman of Wolfmother Andrew Stockdale, was involved in a bit of an incident last Friday involving a couple of female fans, a camera phone and a photo of him in a reportedly “compromising” position (with one of the female fans).

Stockdale was out drinking with a group of friends at the Emporium Hotel in Brisbane and was apparently enjoying the attention from the groupies.  He even took the time to chat with them and generally things seemed to be going well.

All changed when one of the female groupies took a photo of him doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.  What on earth the “compromising” position might be is anyone’s guess, but one girl reported “I saw the picture and it wasn’t good”.

Deciding he wasn’t impressed with this action, he got involved in a bit of push and shove with the male friend of the girl, trying to get hold of the phone so that he could delete the picture.

The argument escalated and hotel security had to get involved to break things up, sending the singer back to his hotel room where he presumably sulked for a while.

A spokesman from the Emporium said: “The person in question was a guest of the hotel so we have no comment to make over the incident”.

Stockdale’s manager John Watson declined to comment on the weekend incident when contacted yesterday.

Whether he managed to delete the photo or not, nobody seems to know.  I guess we may find out if and when the image ever makes it online.

Please Experience Wolfmother Live – DVD

August 20, 2007

Please Experience Wolfmother Live - DVDComing to a store near you on September 10 (or thereabouts), what many fans have been waiting for: the live DVD,entitled “Please Experience Wolfmother Live“.

The DVD is a live recording of their Sydney homecoming last year, at the Aria Awards ceremony where they picked up so many awards.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Dimension
  2. Pyramid 
  3. Apple Tree 
  4. White Unicorn 
  5. Love Train 
  6. Witchcraft 
  7. Gnomes 
  8. Woman 
  9. Minds Eye 
  10. Vagabond 
  11. Colossal 
  12. Joker & The Thief


I think you’ll agree, owning a live performance of Wolfmother is a must …

But wait – you want more?  So, so demanding.  But lucky for you, there are a multitude of bonus features!  Check them out:

  • Joker & The Thief (Live At The Aria Awards Ceremony, Sydney, Australia, 2006)
  • Dimension (Live At Brixton Academy, London, UK, 2006)
  • Love Train (Live At Brixton Academy, London, UK, 2006)
  • Joker & The Thief (Video)
  • White Unicorn (Video)
  • Love Train (Video)
  • Minds Eye (Video)
  • Woman (Video)
  • Meet The Mother: An Introduction To The Band

I was at the recording of the Brixton tracks and it was an amazing night, so I can’t wait to see it on screen.

I’m personally pleasantly surprised at this DVD – I hope it is also of high quality.  Either way it’s a must buy for any fan.

You can preorder at , but not for some reason at – I guess you’ll just have to wait until the day to order.  You Aussies can preorder from Chaos or CDOnline (the latter slightly cheaper).