New album news!

November 20, 2007

Rolling Stones have published an article with some news from our favourite Aussie rockers. Unfortunately it doesn’t include any update on the release date, but does specify the name of a new song: Back Home – that Andrew reckons is one of his favourites. Interesting to read that they have just 10 songs ready … let’s hope they are all good because there’s no room for cutting!

Source: Rolling Stones
Good news for fans of asskicking Australian bands: Wolfmother is hard at work on a new album. According to singer Andrew Stockdale, the band is looking to release the as-yet-untitled album early next year. “It’s kind of cinematic, and it’s kind of epic,” Stockdale says of the new disc. “But there’s also this fully-aggressive side that’s undeniably explosive.” Wolfmother have yet to select a producer, but Stockdale says they have about ten songs ready to go, including a track called “Back Home,” which is one of Stockdale’s favorites. “Other bands are like, ‘Yeah, we wrote sixty songs and edited it down to this,’” says Stockdale, who’s been wrtiting both at his new house in Brisbane and while vacationing in Byron Bay. “We spend a lot of time on each song, crafting it, changing the key, changing the arrangement, and so on. We don’t like to write thousands of songs.”