It’s going to be Mammoth! (?)

February 17, 2008

[update]- it seems that those of you who doubted this were right. The forum member below decided it would be funny to fool everyone into believing this. Ha Ha. Nice one. That said, I do think it would make a great album title and a great album cover …

Over in the Wolfmother Forums, member “lord satan” (yeah I know, doesn’t instantly inspire confidence, but read on … ) claims to have an inside scoop on the new album! He says that it’s going to be released mid-year (something I think we were all coming to believe) and will be called Mammoth.

Here’s the Frank Frazetta artwork mock-up of the cover (click for bigger):

Wolfmother's Second Album: Mammoth

Now due warning, this might be a wind-up, or it could be genuine. If it is indeed true then I for one am excited, I love the title, I love the artwork, and the release date is ‘okay’ (it could be worse)!

Possibly two more cover art mock-ups to come too.

A very young Andrew

February 14, 2008

Some kind Wolfmother fan sent me this via email yesterday. You will need to click on the image to view a bigger version, but then look in the back row …

Andrew Stockdale aged 13

Yup, it’s our favourite band’s lead singer age 13. He obviously hadn’t decided to grow his afro-style hair at that point!