New gig, San Diego, Jul 27; recent interview, no album news

April 30, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots

Yup, another date to add to the diary. Wolfmother will be playing at Concerts on the Green , San Diego (CA, USA) on July 27th – supporting Stone Temple Pilots along with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 2nd, from AEG Live.

Andrew also gave the band’s first interview since last summer on Australian TV this weekend. Unfortunately no news on the album, but you can watch the interview on YouTube here.

The Warhol gig setlist

April 24, 2008

Someone found a snap of the setlist from the recent gig, and it confirms some of the song names. Click for bigger (though it’s upside-down).



1. Back Round
2. Colossal
3. Woman
4. The Violence Of The Sun
5. White Unicorn
6. Monolith
7. Inside The Mountain

8. Minds Eye
9. Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)
10. Joker And The Thief

Interesting that “Back Home” that Andrew had talked about in previous interviews became “Back Round”, but I guess a similar thing happened with Love Attacker > Pleased To Meet You.

Another gig date – Darwin May 24

April 15, 2008

Well things are really kicking off on the news front, with yet another date announced for a festival appearance.

Wolfmother will appear at the BASSINTHEGRASS festival to be held in Darwin, Australia, on Saturday May 24. Other confirmed acts include Powderfinger, Hilltop Hoods, Gyroscope, Potbelleez, The Audreys, Mammal and Hercules in NY.

Online ticket sales are currently not available via the site, but there is a telephone number if you can’t wait for that to be fixed.

Guess I better start updating the Wolfmother Tour Dates page again!

Excitement! New songs!!

April 14, 2008

So a few fans did make it to the Andy Warhol gig this weekend and the news is that there were four new songs and a cover of Perfect Day! Thanks to a couple of people for posting on the forum, indiie and enemyofaverage (who flew all the way from Melbourne just for the gig!), this is the setlist of the gig as best can be made out:

Just to make it clear, these are speculation on the part of the forum members and may not in fact be the official song names:

1. Back Home (New)
2. Colossal
3. Woman
4. Violence of the Sun (New)
5. White Unicorn
6. Unknown title (New)
7. Unknown title (New)
8. Mind’s Eye
9. Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)
10. Joker and the Thief

The with these possible names: ‘Monolith’, ‘Back to the Mountain’ and ‘Athenaeum’. (thanks, turdface from the forums).

Indiie was an extra superstar and has uploaded quite a few videos from the gig – you can check them out here:

And enemyofaverage wrote up a review …

HEY ALL, just got back home (melbourne) from brisbane, i flew up yesterday just to go see the guys play!

i was right up the front for the entire gig (it went for an hour). got some pics and vids on my phone – indiie’s film footage seems to be a lot higher quality though.

but yes, i stretched my neck and was just able to read the first song title – Back Home. it is an amazing track and i wouldn’t be at all surprised if it is their next single.

as for a new direction: not really..although having seen them four times now (melb big day out, festival hall, ballarat, brisbane) i can say they carry themselves a lot more confidently and seem to have a new found sense of direction and purpose…in recent times they have been doing a lot of improvising and with new songs it means they are able to perform a much more structured set.

……i wonder if any of this is making sense? i’ve only had 4 and a half hours sleep so please bare with me!! i will try upload some pics and my crappy videos later (i took a vid of back home, but later realised that my sound was turned off!)

overall, last night was an amazing gig…their new songs are very heavy, kinda like colossal and pyramid. one of the songs demonstrated much more complex rhythmical ability than in their older songs (dunno how to phrase that at the moment – too tired. for you musos out there i can reveal that myles switches to a backbeat in one of the songs – i think its the one indiie said chris played intentionally out of tune – and for the record, it was andrew playing the semitone off). their lou reed cover was different and i don’t think it suited them at all…myles smiled at andrew at the end, i think he realised it didn’t work very well.

in case you’re wondering, i couldn’t quite make out the titles of the other songs on the set list…i think one had ‘sun’ in the title and one was ‘athenaeum’? not too sure.

I of course was away for the weekend so missed the excitement. Just catching up now and getting my head around NEW MATERIAL.

Another gig date announced

April 7, 2008

Well it seems that the band have indeed come to life in recent times (or at least their management have …).

Given that the Andy Warhol gig is more of a special one-off, this could be classified as the first confirmed actual tour date this year.  Interesting that it’s in Canada, which, no offence to the Canucks, wouldn’t have been my first guess as the location of their first tour gig! 

So the speculation continues … new album before the Warhol gig … before the Pemberton gig … or …

Finally some news! Tour date!!

April 3, 2008


Andy Warhol


[update]According to, this show is now sold out.  Did anyone manage to get a ticket? 

Well after what seems like a lifetime, there is some real, interesting and exciting news from the band! today tells of a new gig date, their first since summer last year, over 9 months ago (told you it felt like a lifetime). It will be held at the Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, Australia, on April 12. Well here’s the full news from the band’s site:

Rock ‘n’ roll and art unite as Wolfmother announce their first gig in 9 months!! The band will play a special one off “Up Late” show on Saturday April 12 at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

The band – all fans of modern art – jumped at the chance to play the closing night of the exhibition. Myles, Chris and Andrew (now a Brisbane local) will take to the stage surrounded by over 300 pieces of Andy Warhol portraits, films and paintings, all currently on show at the gallery.

Wolfmother – known for their blistering live performances are set to close the exhibition with an unforgettable show. “Up Late” is open to ALL AGES and tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW!!!

Tickets are only available online through QTix ( or by phone 136 246. Please note tickets ARE NOT available through the gallery. This show is ALL AGES however you must show valid photo ID in the bistro. Tickets are $20 (plus booking fee) and include entry into the exhibition. ‘Andy Warhiol’ season tickets are not valid for this event.

If anyone gets tickets do let us know, and anyone attending the gig HAS to give a report on whether the band ‘still has it’, and whether there is new material!

Talking of which, do you think this means the imminent release of the second album? You’d think so, but I am trying to temper my hope for now.

News.  From Wolfmother.  Can you believe it?

Happy Birthday me!

April 1, 2008

Well, this site, technically! I can’t believe that it’s already two years ago that this site was born, and almost that for the forums. It’s was an exciting time putting together such a site because I’ve never done anything similar before, and when people actually started visiting I was over the moon. We now have hundreds of people a day visiting the main site and more frequenting the forums, even though news from the band has been non-existent for some time now. I know you are all dying to know when the new album is coming out, well so am I!

Over the last two years, we’ve had various pieces of news about the band, tour updates, verification of song lyrics, and the odd rumour or two (which alas have tended to be untrue).

The Wolfmother Forums have gradually grown from the initial few members to now just under 750, with 1,473 threads and 68,583 posts.

The site has had a couple of redesigns during that time, as have the forums, but I think it’s time for another and I am currently developing a new main site that hopefully will launch in coming weeks.

Also coming up very soon is a competition with some great prizes! Or rather, a series of competitions, maybe – I haven’t decided yet. Complete the poll below to express your preference. The prizes include things like tshirts, the EP, vinyl, CDs, postcards, etc.

Finally, thanks to you all for visiting and being part of the Wolfmother community. Here’s to another two years (by which time the new album might have been released!).

Breaking: Wolfmother to split!

April 1, 2008


I’m just getting the most awful news possible, that our beloved band are to split up! The news is that Myles and Andrew had a fight in a Brisbane bar last week, apparently sparked by Myles’ revelation that he was going to grow his hair into an afro. Eye witnesses say that Andrew totally flipped and smacked him across the face, prompting Myles to pull a drumstick from his pocket and try to shove it … well somewhere not very nice.

The band’s management also told me that the new album has been delayed primarily because Chris got seasick from watching Cloverfield and the effects prevented him from completing his cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

However the album is now complete and will be released next March, entitled “Super Furry Oliphaunts”. It will include just 8 tracks including Pleased to Meet You, Love Attacker, Communication Breakdown, a remix of Woman, a dance version of Bohemian Rhapsody and three whole new tracks.

Make a note of the date, people – this is truly a sad day in history.