Secret song unearthed!

May 2, 2008

So about a month ago, a forum member (turdface) noticed on a site maintained by another forum member (Screwball) this track listing from December 2004:

2004/12/19 The Metro, Sydney, Australia Apple Tree
# Pyramid
# White Unicorn
# Love Train
# Midnight Lover
# Woman
# Colossal
# Joker & The Thief
# Dimension
# Minds Eye

Midnight Lover? What the? Exactly. No one had ever heard of a song called Midnight Lover by Wolfmother. So the search commenced, and finally Screwball tracked down someone that had a recording of the song. Long story short, we finally found out today, less than a couple of hours ago, that this is indeed a track that no one knew about! (well, apart from the attendees of the gig I suppose).

You can download the track here:

Now listening to the track, I can’t say it’s one of their best. Okay, I admit, I think it kinda sucks and I can see instantly why they never played it again.

But still, it’s a secret-never-released-played-one-time-only track, which gets me excited at least! How about you?