Rehtom Flow

June 29, 2008

Well it’s official – Wolfmother have finally made it as a band.  Because of their international success, their many awards, their songs being used in movies, games or ads?  Nope.  Because they have a cover band!

Rehtom Flow (Wolfmother backwards if you didn’t spot that yet) are a Danish band growing in popularity.  General consensus on the forums is that they are pretty good (though the lead singer maybe doesn’t match Stockdale’s high notes).  Here’s a shot of them in action:

Rehtom Flow

Check out their MySpace, listen to Dimension, judge for yourself.

APRA award

June 22, 2008

APRA award 2008Although the band haven’t been in the public eye much this last year, and with still no news of the album, it may be somewhat surprising, if you aren’t an Aussie, that the band just won another award.

The APRA awards (Australian Performing Right Association) are an annual ceremony recognising achievements in Australian music. This year the top awards were taken by Daniel Johns from Silverchair – he picked up two awards for the song Straight Lines (Song of the Year and Most Played Australian Work), and one for Songwriter of the Year – the third time he has won this award and the only artist in the awards history to have done so.

So back to Wolfmother, what did they win? Well it was their international success that was recognised, winning Most Played Australian Work Overseas for Woman. Which is quite a good indicator of how well received the band has been globally, perhaps more so than any other Australian band of recent times.

Congratulations, boys! Hope you are celebrating by polishing off the second album to get it ready for release.

Competition winner!

June 8, 2008

Well thanks for all of the entries! Over 40 in all which is awesome.

Well some of you probably noticed that there are different reported tracks lengths depending on where you look, and on this particular CD the length is different to the album or single. The correct answer was:


Which means that some of you got it right! Six in fact:

  1. the winner (hopefully)
  2. Josh
  3. Wolfranco
  4. DrVeronica
  5. Ronnie
  6. enemyofaverage

And by totally random deduction, the winner is … Wolfranco! Congratulations and I’ll be dropping you an email shortly to get your shipping details.

Watch this space for another comp soon.

Another N. Australia gig in Darwin

June 8, 2008

After playing Bass in the Grass a couple of weeks ago (by the way, anyone go? I’ve seen no news, no pics, no nothing!! Come on you NTers, give us the goss!), the band are heading back to Darwin for another gig next month.

They are playing at the Race and Rock concert (interesting concept!) which tags on to the end of hte 11th v8 Supercar Championship series at Hidden Valley Raceway. There’s even a free bus from the between the races and the concerts.

Tickets are available at Australia Post Offices around Darwin, or from

As great as another gig is, I wish the band or their management would just give us some news about the new album, it’s starting to just annoy everyone not hearing anything!

Wolfmother competition #1

June 1, 2008

Well if you visit this and other Wolfmother sites regularly, you’ll be aware that it’s pretty quiet at the moment and everyone is getting antsy about when the new album will come out. After that brief period of excitement when the band performed some new songs, and we unearthed an old little-heard song, it’s back to “when is the new album coming out?”.

To relieve some of the impatience, I’m going to hold a series of competitions over coming weeks and months with some great prizes. One of them was going to be “guess correctly the date the new Wolfmother album will be released” – but the way things are going that might be a while before we could confirm a winner! So instead here’s one that will run for a week from today with a guaranteed winner.

Prize: Two picture ‘promo’ CDs. Dimension & Love Train.
Wolfmother Promo CDs

To enter: Tell me in the comments below the exact length of the Dimension (original not radio edit) track as written on the back of this promo CD. Note that this may or may not differ from the track length you will find on Wikipedia, Google etc! To give you a clue, it is written as follows:


You need to tell me what the XX equals. If there’s more than one correct answer I will pick a winner at random. Remember to include your email address so I can get in touch with the winner (it will not be used for any other purpose).

Good luck!