Rumour time: Raconteurs members to join? Feb 09 album?

August 26, 2008

We know that Andrew Stockdale has been looking for new band members to replace Chris and Myles. We heard rumours about an Australian musician, and rumours about American musicians.

Today we hear from our Australian fans that music station Triple J have mentioned on air that they believe the rhythm section from The Raconteurs (Saboteurs for you Aussies) will join Andrew in forming the new Wolfmother.

Forum member motherlovin confirmed the rumour (though we don’t know his source, he was right about previous rumours) and stated for certain that Jack White won’t be involved.

So I imagine that Patrick Keeler will definitely be one member, being the drummer, and either one or both of Brendan Benson and Jack Lawrence.

I am still working out in my head how this would be. On one hand it’s awesome news because I love the Raconteurs music and their albums are regularly played on my Walkman. On the other there’s a risk that the different style to what we’ve become used to changes the band beyond recognition – but I am reassured by the fact that Jack White won’t be involved that Andrew will retain control of the sound and move the band forwards in the way he has previously.

Whether the Raconteurs will continue, with members spanning both bands, is yet to be seen. For sure if the new Wolfmother wants to tour anything like they have done in the past I can’t see that being possible. Maybe Jack White has decided his experiment with a new band has run its course and he’ll fold it up, leaving the other members free to pursue new interests also.

In other rumour news, the Modular website has a mock newspaper article that states a Feb 09 release for the album. That in itself isn’t too exciting because of the nature of the article (who’s to say that any of it is true). But in the news section, they also mention an early ’09 release, so it’s on the horizon at least. Not soon enough for us fans that have been waiting years already, but at least planned for.

Singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale will carry on Wolfmother and has our full support as we now embark on Wolfmother – Phase II. Stockdale has been developing new material and is set to connect with producer Dave Sardy (producer of the debut self-titled LP) in LA before the end of the year to sew the seeds of a new album. The fruits of these sessions will hopefully see a new Wolfmother album in early 2009.

Phase II cometh

August 22, 2008

Not major news, but the official Wolfmother site and their MySpace site have both updated today with a new look and the phrase “phase II cometh”.

I like the image on the main site, actually. Not so keen on the tiled one on MySpace. The only new text on the MySpace site is “Wolfmother in transitional phase, let the good times roll!”. Indeed, let’s get them rolling and get some news to us fans!

Couple of site updates

August 17, 2008

I finally got around to making a couple of site changes. Firstly, I changed the Lyrics section to have one song per page – hopefully this will make it easier to find specific lyrics if you need to. Secondly, I have put up Wolfmother Guitar tabs, as provided by forum member Jimmi.

If you’d like to comment on, add to or correct either the tabs or lyrics, comment on the appropriate page or send me a mail.

Lone Wolf

August 13, 2008

I’ve always wished I had artistic talents, whether it’s playing an instrument or drawing or painting or even writing (this site is about the extent of that ability!). But although I can’t draw for toffee, I am very appreciative of those that can.

So when a couple of days ago this caricature of Mr Andrew Stockdale arrived in my inbox I was instantly taken – I love it! I also love the tagline, very apt given recent news.

The artist, Frank, has great talent, check out his blog for more examples of his work. Some of the animation work in particular (Frank’s primary passion) is awesome.

Doom Buggy& member news

August 9, 2008

Only days after the band as we know it died, Chris Ross and Myles Heskett have announced a new band – Doom Buggy. The ‘band’ has actually been around for a while, their long standing ‘side project’ – but now it is officially an entity of its own (well, I say officially, it’s only reported on Undercover’s site so far). Doom Buggy made an appearance a long time ago, back in August 2007, supporting Tucker B’s. It’s ever-so bad quality, but here’s a video on YouTube of them performing:

There’s even a ‘band’ review from back then:

Doom Buggy’s lineup is essentially Wolfmother, without frontman Andrew Stockdale. One gets the sense that Doom Buggy is a much-needed creative outlet for bassist/keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer/vocalist Myles Heskett – Doom Buggy played a set that was seems to have been brewing secretly for months, with a handful of well developed and fully-formed songs forming their roughly half-hour set. These songs are a significant departure from Wolfmother – The music is largely electronic instrumental, with clear krautrock and IDM influences. Perhaps the closest comparison that can be made is to their Sydney contemporaries Pivot, but Doom Buggy’s set was unique, surprising and innovative. Whether any band that forms as an offshoot to a backlash-attracting band like Wolfmother can be taken seriously by the music community as an independent entity remains to be seen, but tonight Doom Buggy showed that they have arrived, and they demand your ears.

So what do you think? I’m not keen on the name, but I reckon they have some potential. Oddly there is already a band called Doom Buggy, so maybe they will rethink? The fact that no domain names have been registered ( and .net are both registered from way back in 2001/2), and there is no other web presence at all, except the Undercover article and their past performance, makes me think that this might not be official yet at all.


In other Wolfmother news, Undercover claim that the decision to split happened over a month ago, but that Myles and Chris were persuaded to honour their gig commitments until Splendour. They also claim that Andrew has found another member, a Sydney session musician. So it seems that the previous rumours of two American artists is untrue.

More news as a I get it.

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It’s official – Wolfmother split

August 7, 2008

The official site just sent this statement. No comment from me for now.

Grammy Award winning rock band Wolfmother has announced the resignation of bass/keyboard player Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett effective immediately.

Singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale now plans to find other musicians over coming months and to then begin making a new Wolfmother album.

Wolfmother toured the world virtually non-stop through 2006 and early 2007 on the back of their acclaimed self titled debut album. Longstanding frictions within the group then lead them to take an extended break during the second half of 2007 to consider their future.

In early 2008 they regrouped and worked on new material. Initially encouraged by those sessions, they committed to a handful of live shows to ‘road test’ the new songs and to try to find a way forward.

Those dates concluded with a headlining slot last Sunday at the Splendour In The Grass Festival in Australia’s Byron Bay where rumours circulated about possible lineup changes.

Following that show Chris Ross decided to announce that he was leaving the band due to irreconcilable personal and musical differences. Myles Heskett has also decided to leave the band rather than continuing as part of a changed lineup. The pair has been working together on songs for some time and they plan to focus their energies on that new project in the future.

Wolfmother’s self titled debut album is one of the most successful Australian rock releases this century. It has sold over 1.3 million copies and received multiple ARIA Awards and a Grammy – making them the first Aussie band to receive such an award in 25 years. Other highlights for the group have included appearances at just about every major music festival in the world, sharing stages with Pearl Jam, The Who and The Strokes, and a special performance inducting the legendary Led Zeppelin into the UK’s Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

Andrew Stockdale, Myles Heskett and Chris Ross will make no public statements at this time except to say that they are each really looking forward to making their new music over the years ahead.

In the meantime they simply ask all Wolfmother fans to please understand that in spite of their best efforts over a long period of time, they just could not find a harmonious way to work together and that has lead to the decisions announced today.

More ‘break up’ coverage & rumours

August 6, 2008

Updated: Blimey, the news is being covered all over the place now – NME, Daily Telegraph (Australia), Gigwise and more. Links at the bottom of the article.

Apparently this rumour, whether it was just Triple J’s speculation or not, is gathering legs across Australia and the world. Here are a a couple of other sites covering the news:

Firstly we have Channel V, that also discusses other rumours ‘doung the rounds’, including:

  • Andrew Stockdale has been squirrelled away in a studio for months, engineer on standby just in case he comes up with a moment of genius
  • The rift started because Andrew only wanted to create ‘long-winded Floyd-style prog-rock epics’, whereas Chris and Myles are keen to maintain the rocking style they have had to date.
  • Chris is the driver of the rumoured line up change as he wants to concentrate on raising his young family.

Channel V
Wolfmother, the rocking Sydney-based band that were signed after only a handful of shows together could be poised to morph into a different beast altogether, if the rumours that gathered steam after the band’s Splendour In The Grass show are to be believed.

Star Pulse also covers the story but takes it a bit far, stating ‘Heavy rockers Wolfmother have reportedly split after a bust-up between frontman Andrew Stockdale and fellow founding members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett’, then contradict themselves by quoting the band’s manager (who I quoted yesterday) who said:


Wolfmother’s manager John Watson has also failed to dispel rumours of a break-up, telling Australian website “Unfortunately, I can’t make any comment other than to say that as soon as the band has clear future plans they will issue a statement and we hope to be able to do that in the next week or two.”

My opinion is this. It is clear there are some differences in the band. Andrew has some different ideas to M&C (or Mac & Cheese as one forum member quipped!) and they are working them out. To me this is probably not unusual for a band that is evolving and heading into their 5th year of existence. They are all creative fellas and hopefully they can work everything out.

The more worrying aspect for the band’s future (as it is) is Chris’ (understandable) desire to be with his family. That’s the thing for me from reading all of these rumours that could create a line up change. I guess that if Chris and Myles are particularly good buddies, Myles could go too – but I think a one member change is more likely, if any.

I guess we’ll have to wait for an official announcement, and keep those fingers crossed.

DAily Telegraph
Herald Sun
Contact Music

Hopefully this will kick the management’s arse into getting that statement out.

Triple J & Management update

August 5, 2008

After yesterday’s news, I wrote to the band’s management asking them to comment on the speculation regarding the line up change/split. I didn’t really expect to get a reply, but I did, and it is as follows:

Given that the band actually didn’t do a JJJ interview it’s a mystifying posting!

Also interestingly, when you click on the link to Triple J, it now has a different story:
As soon as triple j arrived at Splendour In The Grass on Saurday, much speculation was circulating about Wolfmother’s future. Rumours from the band breaking up through to line-up changes were being mentioned. triple j was due to interview singer Andrew Stockdale a couple of hours before their appearance closing the Supertop Stage at the Byron Bay festival on Sunday night. Management issued a statement to the station prior to the scheduled interview saying: “The band is dealing with some internal issues at the moment. They’re hoping to resolve them in the next few weeks but in the meantime it just wouldn’t be appropriate for any member to be doing any interviews – even with triple j.”

It would appear, for whatever reason, Triple J jumped the gun somewhat and speculated about the band’s future, assuming they had an interview lined up. But the interview was cancelled and they had to backtrack somewhat.

It’s clear that all is not well in the band, but this development makes me more optimistic than yesterday. Even so, a few other sites have been writing about the rumours: (click to read full)
Is It All Over For Wolfmother’

by Paul Cashmere – August 5 2008
photo by Ros O’Gorman

Wolfmother`s performance on the weekend at Splendour In The Grass may have been their last, at least with the original line-up.

Insiders tell Undercover that there has been a split between singer, guitarist Andrew Stockdale and the other two founding members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett. (click to read full)
It wouldn’t be fair to both the band or other close associated parties to begin slinging half-cast rumours around Wolfmother’s future. Suffice to say, apart from effectively riding out the same show, and headlining the same slot, at the same festival 24 months ago – when considered, it’s a pretty ’safe’ choice for an incredibly popular band whose label or management hasn’t produced a solid press-release indicating a solid future, let alone a new release. A track lifted onto the Spiderman 3 soundtrack doesn’t count.

Rumour: Line up change/split (updated)

August 4, 2008

Just over a week ago, someone registered on the Wolfmother forums to ‘break’ the news that the band were going to split. They claimed that Chris and Myles were going to leave and that Andrew was going to have to find some new band members. Not surprisingly, with no source to quote other than “I know the band”, this rumour was rubbished by one and all. The poster persisted for a day or two before dissapearing into the ether.

Now the forum has had plenty of bullshit rumours before, not least the Mammoth debacle (several people a day still find this site by searching Google for “Wolfmother Mammoth” – credit where it’s due, that was one rumour that had legs). So it wasn’t surprising that a newly registered member with no source to quote was quickly dismissed.

Today brought that person back, this time with a ‘source’ in tow. Well, to be honest, it still doesn’t verify their claims but it does cast some uncertainty over the band’s line up.

Triple J today announced in their Music News section:

Wolfmother line-up change after Splendour?
Wolfmother tore up the main stage for perhaps the last time with their present line up to close Splendour in the Grass 2008… watch this space for more. Richard Kingsmill talked to the band before they took the stage and delivered this unexpected new twist.

More news about the future of the band as we get it.
04/08/2008 05:35:03

So there is a rumour of a line up change. Whether it’s as predicted, with Myles and Chris leaving the band, we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, with no more tour dates announced and still no definitive album news, all is not well in the Wolfmother camp right now.

UPDATE – The band’s management have, according to Australia’s Courier Mail, denied the rumour about the line up change. But also confirmed that there has been tension within the band. I guess we’ll wait and see.,23739,24127940-7642,00.html
RUMOURS abounded at Splendour in the Grass with whispers that headliners Wolfmother were playing their last gig featuring the original line-up.

Most speculation backstage on Sunday night centred on bassist Chris Ross leaving the band, or at least hanging up his touring shoes, to spend more time with his family.

Triple J picked up the on the goss as part of their web-based Splendour coverage, alluding to a line-up change but providing no details.

Wolfmother’s management and label yesterday both denied a line-up change is imminent.

“It is no secret that there always has been a little bit of tension in the band but at the moment, there is nothing to tell,” a Modular Recordings spokesman told Confidential. “No one is leaving and it’s business as usual.” According to the label, hair-bear frontman Andrew Stockdale, pictured, drummer Myles Heskett and Ross have laid down a handful of tracks in a Sydney studio which “sound amazing”.

News that Wolfmother remain a pack will be music to the ears of Modular boss Steve Pavlovic, after the label last week revealed accumulated losses of $5.9 million by the end of 2007.