More ‘break up’ coverage & rumours

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Updated: Blimey, the news is being covered all over the place now – NME, Daily Telegraph (Australia), Gigwise and more. Links at the bottom of the article.

Apparently this rumour, whether it was just Triple J’s speculation or not, is gathering legs across Australia and the world. Here are a a couple of other sites covering the news:

Firstly we have Channel V, that also discusses other rumours ‘doung the rounds’, including:

  • Andrew Stockdale has been squirrelled away in a studio for months, engineer on standby just in case he comes up with a moment of genius
  • The rift started because Andrew only wanted to create ‘long-winded Floyd-style prog-rock epics’, whereas Chris and Myles are keen to maintain the rocking style they have had to date.
  • Chris is the driver of the rumoured line up change as he wants to concentrate on raising his young family.

Channel V
Wolfmother, the rocking Sydney-based band that were signed after only a handful of shows together could be poised to morph into a different beast altogether, if the rumours that gathered steam after the band’s Splendour In The Grass show are to be believed.

Star Pulse also covers the story but takes it a bit far, stating ‘Heavy rockers Wolfmother have reportedly split after a bust-up between frontman Andrew Stockdale and fellow founding members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett’, then contradict themselves by quoting the band’s manager (who I quoted yesterday) who said:


Wolfmother’s manager John Watson has also failed to dispel rumours of a break-up, telling Australian website “Unfortunately, I can’t make any comment other than to say that as soon as the band has clear future plans they will issue a statement and we hope to be able to do that in the next week or two.”

My opinion is this. It is clear there are some differences in the band. Andrew has some different ideas to M&C (or Mac & Cheese as one forum member quipped!) and they are working them out. To me this is probably not unusual for a band that is evolving and heading into their 5th year of existence. They are all creative fellas and hopefully they can work everything out.

The more worrying aspect for the band’s future (as it is) is Chris’ (understandable) desire to be with his family. That’s the thing for me from reading all of these rumours that could create a line up change. I guess that if Chris and Myles are particularly good buddies, Myles could go too – but I think a one member change is more likely, if any.

I guess we’ll have to wait for an official announcement, and keep those fingers crossed.

DAily Telegraph
Herald Sun
Contact Music

Hopefully this will kick the management’s arse into getting that statement out.


5 Responses to “More ‘break up’ coverage & rumours”

  1. Rookie on August 6th, 2008 6:04 pm

    haha YEAH!!! Mac & Cheese for life!

    I still want to keep American Sausage in the mac & cheese though.

  2. Spencer on August 7th, 2008 4:10 am

    Chris and Myles Forever! New Guys Never!

    just kidding, i’ll support the band as long as the next line-up is awesome

  3. Silky on August 7th, 2008 6:16 am

    i really do hope that they don’t break up but it doesn’t seem like something you would do after having (supposedly) already written all the songs for the next album

    but if they do i’ll always remember them for their spellbounding debut :D

    lol, mac and cheese

  4. MyGrandma'sIll on August 8th, 2008 5:31 am

    Man, she needs some OATMEAL BABBBBY!

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