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October 25, 2008

(WARNING: the trailer shown in the full post is rated ‘R’):

Well the news drought continues – we can only hope that the band are getting their act together and recording some tunes …

Anyway, I was in the cinema the other day waiting to see … Mirrors I think it was (great jumpy film!) … half watching the trailers … when suddenly I hear a familiar tune.

Sure enough, Joker & The Thief was blasting out of the speakers, introducing the film “My Best Friend’s Girl” (not sure if the film will be funny, it looks amusing at least …).

So it’s good to see that Wolfmother’s music is still being used, which to be honest, for a band of its popularity I think is quite a lot. I thought it might be a good community exercise, while we wait for “phase two” to cometh, to compile a comprehensive list of occasions that a Wolfmother tune has been used. I’ve started the list with a couple of the obvious ones. Please provide links (IMDB or similar) where possible.

Once we’re happy with the list I’ll add it to a permanent page.

Film trailer
2008, My Best Friend’s GirlJoker & The Thief

Film soundtrack
2007, Spiderman 3Pleased to Meet You

2006-7, Guitar Hero 2Woman
2008, Rock Band (downloadable song) – Joker & The Thief

2008, Peugeot 308 SW ad (France & UK)Joker & The Thief