Joshua who?

December 15, 2008

Joshua Kerr - Scammer?

[upate 17-Dec]While I think Ben (comments below) went about things in entirely the wrong way, I am inclined to believe that the use of Wolfmother’s name in promoting this concert was unintentional and not driven by either Ben or Josh. I am however going to leave the full post below because otherwise the comments and the whole situation would be difficult to understand. I hope that not too many fans were dissapointed after attending the show and wish Josh a speedy recovery.


Well it seems more and more certain that Mr Joshua Kerr was at the very least stretching the truth considerably when claiming he was lined up to be Wolfmother’s new bass player before being hit by a car while riding his bike.

I can confirm that Andrew jammed with a lot of potential bass players while in LA recently. One of them ended up doing a couple of weeks of demoing and such, but unfortunately I do not know how that was left. What I do know however is that his name was not Joshua Kerr! Joshua may have auditioned for the band and may even have got a callback, but he certainly was not in any way confirmed as a band member.

Reports also indicate that the extent of his accident and medical bills are exaggerated.

So Joshua Kerr, shame on you for stretching the truth on many fronts in the aim of raising some cash. And if any of the other bands knew this was the case, shame on you too. forums featured in jmag magazine!

December 7, 2008

That’s right, popular Aussie music magazine jmag featured the Wolfmother Forums right here on this site in their latest magazine! Here is a summary of what was mentioned:

Safe topic for newbies: Vale Chris and Myles!

What we wish they’d talk about: Can anyone substantiate the rather lurid rumours we’ve heard about after parties and the like?

Likely avatar: A medusa with huge breasts, rising out of a mountain. Anything you’d find spraypainted on the side of a panel van, basically.

Most entertaining thread: Does Anyone Agree that Wolfmother Should Grow Their Hair Long? They Are Very Much A Long Hair Band.

Best quote: “I read one time that Andrew doesn’t drink, smoke, or use any sort of stimulants (including caffeine); but I’m having doubts.”

Best bickering: “Do you mean, did I steal your signature and use it as my username?”

Obsessive factor: Discussion of Andrew’s silver apple pendant that his girlfriend gave him.

In-joke: Not many laughs here.

Lust factor: There’s a lot of talk about the electrical tape on Chris’s bass. That’s lustful ’round these parts.

Top trolling: Cue a flurry of excitement when someone reveals they have Andrew’s phone number, but isn’t prepared to hand it over…for less than three dollars.

jmag love/hate: Actually, they’re indifferent. Or is that just us?

Actual article below (click for bigger):
jmag feature

Pretty sweet stuff, huh?! Interestingly, a lot of the information they featured is from two years ago – not much current discussion. But hey, I’ll still take it, dsepite the quip about having no in-jokes (which we definitely do).

Joshua Kerr – Wolfmother’s [almost] new bassist

December 4, 2008

Joshua Kerr

The LA Weekly website posted a (rather odd and crappy) news story recently about a benefit concert being held tomorrow night, in aid of Joshua Kerr, who had been in line to be the new bassist in Wolfmother. Why ‘had been’ you might ask? Well, perhaps the band is cursed this year, because Joshua was involved in a nasty accident – knocked off his bike and left for dead by a hit and run dirtbag – which left him badly injured. Bizzarely and coincidentally, the accident was in front of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but luckily it appears that he will come through without paying a visit. Presumably though the accident also put paid to the biggest gig of his life and Andrew’s plans in [re]forming the band.

Joshua’s medical bill apparently runs to around $26,000, so a group of local bands are pulling together to perform a gig tomorrow night to contribute. The bands are Cage 9, The Bangkok Five, Opus Dai, Kaura, Sleepmask. From the article and looking at MySpace profiles, Bangkok Five in particular are worth the entrance fee alone, so if you are in the West Hollywood area you should definitely check them out – cost is just five bucks.

The House of Blues Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
Cost: $5

Joshua, I truly hope you do recover well and that the gig goes a significant way to helping out with your medical bills. Best of luck to you in your future, with our beloved Wolfmother or otherwise.

(ps – I hope the pictures are the right Joshua Kerr, but looking at his MySpace profile it looks likely).