Wolfmother’s new drummer?

January 11, 2009

Earlier today I noticed a comment on the last post that created some massive deja-vu feelings. The comment from Michael said “THE NEW DRUMMER IS David? “?Acost?a”? Atkin?s” and a link to a MySpace profile. My immediate thought was “is this another Joshua Kerr?”, so I emailed Michael and asked for the source of his information.

Michael received a bulletin from The Drum Dojo, a professional drum school in Brisbane, that said:

David Atkins is listed as a teacher at The Drum Dojo, listed as “Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs/Pangaea/Hung/Wolfmother)”.

Following so far? Well another small indicator is that David is in Wolfmother’s top friends on their MySpace page.

And finally, I found a blog post from April 2008 that said:

Although Andrew Stockdale has apparently been recording demos with Resin Dogs’ drummer Dave Atkins it hasn’t heralded a move away from a 1970s rock sound into hip-hop… The song definitely remains the same…

All the signs point towards this being a valid rumour, but until I hear something more official I’ll not be getting too excited given other rumours last year. Anyone know anything about this guy or his previous bands?

Guitar Hero World Tour Australian Track Pack

January 9, 2009

I played Guitar Hero for the first time this Christmas (I know, where have I been?!) and loved rocking out to Woman. I actually got fairly decent by the end of the holidays and managed to complete it on Hard (oh shut up all of you Expert ‘experts‘).

Well, Wolfmother fans, you’ll now be able to have a crack at another Wolfmother classic, Dimension. In honour of Australia day, Activision are releasing a special “Australian Track Pack”, available on Xbox live Jan 22, and PS and Wii Feb 5.

Oh, you also get Silverchair’s Tomorrow and The Vine’s Outtathaway if you are interested.

Rock on, Wayne. Rock on, Garth.

September Album …

January 1, 2009

According to the Herald Sun (Australian newspaper/website), the next Wolfmother album could be released in September 2009. Here’s the snippet of information:

Despite being reduced to one original member, Grammy-winning hard rock act Wolfmother is expected to release an album in September.

Singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale has been working on demos in Los Angeles and is set to start recording early in the year.

With the shocking news about the split, rumours of new members, mis-rumours of new members, and basically no news at all from Wolfmother or their management, 2008 has been an annus horribilis for Wolfmother.

Although my initial reaction to a September release was bad (very bad as I read about it while inebriated after New Year’s Eve!), my hungover reflection is that at least it looks like some progress is being made. I had heard from Wolfmother’s management recently that Andrew has been spending a lot of time in his home studio trying out new sounds and material and that he hopes to make some announcements in the new year. With this news that recording is planned in the new year, that makes for a more positive looking 2009. Whether any new members have been identified is anyone’s guess, and with the little countdown timer to Clipsal currently reading 79 days they haven’t got long to confirm a line up (my guess is that that gig will be primarily old material).

So here’s a big ‘fuck you’ to 2008 and a ‘here’s hoping’ to 2009. Hope you all have a good one too.