Sound Relief – Wolfmother do their bit

February 26, 2009

Those of you who live in Victoria, Australia, have no doubt all been affected to a greater or lesser extent by the bushfires that swept your state. Some of you may know or be related to those that were devastatingly lost. And after so long, the fires still rage and people’s lives are still at risk …


Well to support Australia’s greatest ever natural disaster an event called Sound Relief is being held on Saturday March 14 in Melbourne and Sydney. Wolfmother is one of the confirmed acts and wow what a line up. Almost worth buying a ticket from London for!

– Augie March
– Bliss N Eso with Paris Wells
– Gabriella Cilmi
– Hunters & Collectors
– Jack Johnson
– Jet
– Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson w/ Troy Cassar-Daley
– Kings Of Leon
– Liam Finn
– Midnight Oil
– Paul Kelly
– Split Enz
– Wolfmother

– Coldplay (ACOUSTIC)
– Eskimo Joe
– Hoodoo Gurus
– Icehouse
– Jet
– Josh Pyke
– Little Birdy
– The Presets
– Wolfmother
– You Am I
– + more acts to be announced

All bands deserve credit for taking part in such a just cause, but Kings of Leon and Coldplay especially because they both have sold out gigs of their own that evening, so even doing a few songs is fantastic. And credit to Jet and Wolfmother for being willing to cover both venues!

I can’t close this post without mentioning Midnight Oil – who would have thought that you’d ever get the chance to see them again!

More news about the event can be found on the Sound Relief website:

Tickets are $75 (bargain! I reckon they should have charged double) and go on sale from next Wednesday, March 4:

If you don’t live in Australia or do but can’t go, and would like to still support the cause, you can make an online donation at the Red Cross website:

New members, new songs, new Wolfmother!

February 7, 2009

News of last night’s gig is still fairly sketchy, but we do already have pics and a brief video of the show! And the news is, three new members! The pics are fairly bad quality but it looks like Dave Atkins was indeed on drums, a solo guitarist and a ‘Chris Ross’ – guitarist with organ/keyboard.

Click the pics for bigger.

White Feather gig

White Feather aka Wolfmother

There is also a video clip of a new song called Pilgrim, again pretty bad quality but check it out anyway.

[Update], thanks to Cameron via the comments below, here’s a better video of Pilgrim:

The bigger question for me is, what the hell is going on with Andrew’s hair? It looks like he needs some backcombing to get the afro back and away from the ‘Hurley’ look.

What’s lacking are any reviews! Come on guys and gals, I know some of you went to the gig, spill! And any more pics or videos would be much appreciated too.

Oh and I am now fairly certain that White Feather is a pen name for Wolfmother while they bed in the new members and test out new material – the Wolfmother name will return.

White Feather – formally known as Wolfmother(?)

February 3, 2009

Many of you will have seen the emailer about the new gig coming up and the apparent band name change (personally I haven’t officially had the email yet – damn mailing system). Without an announcement alongside this, it is difficult to know what is behind this – is it:

  1. a permanent band name change to reflect the new direction, or “phase II” if you wish?
  2. a temporary change aimed at ‘testing the waters’ with a new lineup, in the hope that if things don’t go so well the Wolfmother name won’t be too badly tarnished?
  3. simply a promotional stunt aimed at getting mugs like us speculating what is going on to regenerate interest in the band?
  4. something else entirely?

My speculation is that it’s point 2 or 3 and not a permanent move.

Anyway, the upshot for now is that there are two gigs coming up very soon – click the images for tickets:

White Feather Gig

White Feather Gig

More news when I get it!