Cosmic Egg & Gig News

April 24, 2009

In a double-news-whammy, today I bring you two huge pieces of news.

Whammy #1
In an interview with NME, Andrew revealed that the new album will be called Cosmic Egg, after a yoga pose no less!

Now, Stockdale and his new bandmates have nearly completed the follow-up to Wolfmother’s 2006 self-titled debut, which he says will be called ‘Cosmic Egg’.

“I did a yoga class and one of the poses we were doing was called ‘cosmic egg’, and I thought yeah, that’s it. It’s like the fetal pose,” he said.

Here’s a link to the full article:

Oh, I almost forgot – it will be out in September!! Yes, this year …

Whammy #2
Another gig! And more to come!

The first will be at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles on Friday May 1st. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster but the first batch have already sold out as I type this.

Apparently the first in the First Friday Series (so the next on June 5, then July 3, etc). Wonder if they will all be in the US or different places? Andrew did say he would be in the UK at the end of May so perhaps the next will be there. Selfishly, I really hope so!!!

Double Album?! Andrew on Twitter

April 13, 2009

After originally believing that this must be a fake, it appears that this Twitter account really is Mr Andrew Stockdale. The link was delivered via a MySpace bulletin as below:

Which is cool – after thinking Twitter was a load of crap for a long time, I finally gave it another go recently and am starting to see what the hype is about. But read the posts:

Tracked the 14th song “The Violence Of The Sun” original Fender Rhodes version. A Chaotic, cathartic, distorted, distracted proud mess.
6:36 AM Apr 11th from web

Onto the 9th song tracking drums, looks like this will be a double album spectacular. Yes! one follower congratulations!
11:15 PM Apr 9th from web

Yes, that does say “double album” and “tracked the 14th song”!!

I hope the Twitter “experiment” continues, it would be a very cool way to get updates straight from “the horses mouth”. As long as he doesn’t start getting his PA to write his posts up

Palace of Fire – Chris & Myles are back in action

April 13, 2009

We long heard about the side project that Chris and Myles have had going, but will “Palace of Fire” stick around, or will it fade into the ether like Doom Buggy?

Well either way, it’s good to see Wolfmother’s previous members reappear on stage. Along with Matt Blackman from Charge Group, they played as Palace of Fire at Sydney’s Hopeturn Hotel last Monday, and are possibly playing as I type this (or have already been on stage) at the Boogie Festival in Melbourne this Easter Weekend.

News story via: The Vine
Photo via: The Vine (plus click for more from the Sydney gig)

I haven’t heard any audio yet, but The Vine calls the sound as combining “combine the toughness and versatility of Wolfmother with the more refined, cinematic approach of Charge Group and Blackman’s former band Purplene”.

Oh, and they have an as yet pretty empty MySpace page:

Back Round – Wolfmother’s new single, free download

April 1, 2009

That’s right, it’s a freebie to get the band back on its feet. Head on over to to grab it. Oh, and remember to make a donation when you get to the download page, it’s for a good cause.