October Release for “Cosmic Egg”

June 17, 2009

Well I expected the album to be released in September, as many of us had originally hoped. However now it seems that Cosmic Egg has been put back a month and will now (hopefully) hit the shelves worldwide this October coming.

This news comes directly from the Wolfmother Myspace Page. As spotted by a fellow forum member (Andre), half way down the page, there is the “Back Round” album artwork (below), which displays the words “Album Coming October 2009” . Well this is good in a way, I mean at least we now have an actual month rather than an aim!
UPDATE: Andrew Stockdale has recently tweeted on his twitter page that Cosmic Egg will be released on October 13th! And it will be in 2009 (we hope).


“Back Round” is now available everywhere as a digital download on iTunes so go buy if you haven’t got it!

More news to come as we hear it!