Cosmic Egg Pre-Orders are HERE!

August 28, 2009

Pre-Orders are now available worldwide for the muchly anticipated release of Cosmic Egg, Wolfmother’s follow-up album to their Grammy-award winning debut album, and with 3 new members since Chris Ross and Myles Heskett left the band. Cosmic Egg was recorded in Sunset Studios in L.A. produced by legendary UK producer Alan Moulder, and also includes guest musician Slash.

There are several different editions of the album. A standard edition, a deluxe edition, and a 2LP Vinyl edition.
You can pre-order these over at the official Wolfmother music store.

The track-listing is for the following editions [Read more]

New European tour dates

August 24, 2009

Just confirmed, hot off the press – not only will Wolfmother be heading back to London in October, they’ll be visiting several other European countries too! One commenter requested The Netherlands and the band has delivered. Another requested France, the band has delivered! I’m not necessarily suggesting that requesting gigs in the comments on will result in the request being granted, but it’s a nice coincidence!

Gigs are:
Oct 14th – Paris, France – The Trabendo – Tickets
Oct 15th – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg –Tickets (note the Wolfmother FB update had the wrong url)
Oct 16th – Hamburg, Germany – Knust – Tickets
Oct 17th – Berlin, Germany – Columbia Club – Tickets
Oct 21st – London, UK – Coronet – Tickets (on sale Thursday August 27, 9am!)

So tell me in the comments below, who’s going to which gig? I’ll definitely be trying to go to the London gig!

(ps – Wolfmother Tour Dates page updated)

New Cosmic Egg details!

August 22, 2009

While we eagerly await the official information from Wolfmother about pre-orders for the upcoming Cosmic Egg, the special edition pre-order has been spotted on Australian site JB Hi-Fi.

The special edition listed has “4 bonus tracks”, full listing below (new tracks in bold):

  1. California Queen
  2. New Moon Rising
  3. White Feather
  4. Sundial
  5. In The Morning
  6. 10,000 Feet
  7. Cosmic Egg
  8. Far Away
  9. Pilgrim
  10. In The Castle
  11. Phoenix
  12. Violence Of The Sun
  13. Cosmonaut
  14. Eyes Open
  15. Back Round
  16. Caroline

Back Round of course we all know and love, but Cosmonaut? Eyes Open? Caroline???! Can’t wait to get my earlobes around these new tracks!

According to we should hear those official pre-order details next week. The site says:

pre-sales for Cosmic Egg are almost upon us.  Starting next week you will be able to pre-order the album worldwide.  The record will come in different versions including a standard version, a 2 LP vinyl version with bonus tracks, and a deluxe version featuring different artwork and bonus tracks.  Pre-orders will have the option to bundle with some great new merch.  Keep your eye out for official store links coming next week, you will not be disappointed!

New Moon Rising to be released in days!

August 22, 2009

The awesome new single from Wolfmother, New Moon Rising, will be released worldwide over the coming week. For some reason, it seems that Ireland got the worldwide exclusive with the first release date, but following some searching I couldn’t find it for sale at any Irish music sites, so maybe it was a typo? Most other places get the single on Monday, with a few countries following on Tuesday or Thursday.

Full list of release dates after the jump [Read more]

Watch Wolfmother live, tonight!

August 22, 2009

Wolfmother play at the Epicenter along with Tool, Linkin Park, Alice in Chains and many more. If you got a ticket, lucky you and I am sure you will have a blast! For most of the rest of us we get some consolation – being able to watch a live webcast of the festival, courtesy of KROQ FM.


Wolfmother will grace the stage at 5:05PM PT, so at that time head to to watch the live webcast.

UK/Europe tour dates tbc

August 18, 2009

It seems that some sites, including this one, jumped the gun a little in announcing the UK tour dates. At the moment these are not confirmed, though the band will be coming to the UK and Europe (good news for some of you!) around October time.

I’ll let you know as soon as I do what the dates and countries involved are.

Wolfmother UK mini-tour right before Cosmic Egg release!

August 17, 2009

UPDATE – The dates listed below may change for the UK tour – watch this space for more news soon.

London Koko
An eagle-eyed forum member spotted a listing on Gigwise recently for an October date at the O2 Academy2 in Birmingham. But the listing was never verified or confirmed, so we assumed it was an error.

However, it is now confirmed that Wolfmother WILL be back in the UK in just a few months! Three dates as follows:

9 October, Manchester Academy 2
10 October, Birmingham O2 Academy 2
12 October, London Koko

Tickets for the Birmingham gig are listed in Seetickets or Gigantic with 9am August 21 as the sale date. However, best way to get tickets for this one is if you’re an O2 customer, or know one! Not sure about the other two dates.

I for one will be trying to get tickets for the London gig again! Anyone else planning to go to one of these dates?

News via This is Fake DIY (not sure what their source is but the news is on a couple of other sites too).

What happened to the Cosmic Egg preorder?

August 15, 2009

Earlier this week, the Wolfmother Facebook group announced details of Cosmic Egg and the new single, New Moon Rising, which debuted on Australian radio yesterday.

However, there was also this news:

Starting this Friday, visit for details on pre-ordering the album in your part of the world. Cosmic Egg will be available in a number of formats including CD Album / 2LP Vinyl / CD Album + Vinyl combo / Limited Edition Box Set and more.

So it’s now Saturday across the whole world (I believe?!) and still no news. All that happened on was this, which indicates they intended to post some news but it didn’t quite work out:

You can preorder the album import on, but it won’t be out until October 27, which is a lifetime after the Oct 8-13 we know the album will be out, so not very useful.

Anyone know anything about this?

Update: [Read more]

Cosmic Egg Official Artwork!

August 12, 2009

Over the past couple of weeks, news of Cosmic Egg have been randomly popping up, all definitely starting the official build up to the release. A previous mock up for the Cosmic Egg album artwork has appeared in this space, which was a very dramatic but amazing piece of artwork. After many fans questioning how it will appear, Andrew Stockdale official released the artwork picture via his Twitter page, just before he was actually due on stage at the Lexington in London, UK!


I am very much liking this and I think it has a dark and heavy appeal, which might possibly reflect the style of the album. Post your thoughts below or join in the discussion on the forum.

Update: Wolfmother will be releasing the single, ‘New Moon Rising’ on October 5th 2009! The week before Cosmic Egg! Definately go buy it as it is an awesome track!

[Read more]

Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg is coming, sooner than we thought!

August 10, 2009

An updated from the band’s Facebook page:


Brothers and sisters the time has come for the long-awaited return of Wolfmother. This October will mark the release of Wolfmother’s second opus, Cosmic Egg. You can get your first taste of the record with the new single, “New Moon Rising” which will be making its world-wide debut at radio and online on August 14th.

Starting this Friday, visit for details on pre-ordering the album in your part of the world. Cosmic Egg will be available in a number of formats including CD Album / 2LP Vinyl / CD Album + Vinyl combo / Limited Edition Box Set and more.

1. California Queen
2. New Moon Rising
3. White Feather
4. Sundial
5. In The Morning
6. 10,000 Feet
7. Cosmic Egg
8. Far Away
9. Pilgrim
10. In The Castle
11. Phoenix
12. Violence Of The Sun

Cosmic Egg available in Japan on October 8th
Cosmic Egg available in Australia, Germany, and New Zealand on October 9th
Cosmic Egg available in Europe on October 12th
Cosmic Egg available in USA on October 13th

So this confirms earlier news that there will be multiple formats with a standard 12 song record (as above) being the downloadable version, and special edition box set including the 18 songs mentioned earlier in the year.

Also interesting that there’s no Back Round – maybe that will have been released too long for album inclusion?

Interesting that it will be available in Japan first. And why Germany before the UK, damnit?!

And I almost missed it in the excitement, but new single, New Moon Rising, premiering this Friday!

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