New Moon Rising to be released in days!

August 22, 2009 by  

The awesome new single from Wolfmother, New Moon Rising, will be released worldwide over the coming week. For some reason, it seems that Ireland got the worldwide exclusive with the first release date, but following some searching I couldn’t find it for sale at any Irish music sites, so maybe it was a typo? Most other places get the single on Monday, with a few countries following on Tuesday or Thursday.

Full list of release dates after the jump

Australia 25-Aug-2009
USA 25-Aug-2009
UK 24-Aug-2009
Germany 28-Aug-2009
Canada 25-Aug-2009
Iceland 24-Aug-2009
China 24-Aug-2009
Japan 24-Aug-2009
South Korea 24-Aug-2009
Taiwan 24-Aug-2009
India 24-Aug-2009
Thailand 24-Aug-2009
Philippines 24-Aug-2009
Malaysia 24-Aug-2009
Hong Kong 24-Aug-2009
Singapore 24-Aug-2009
New Zealand 25-Aug-2009
Serbia 28-Aug-2009
Montenegro 28-Aug-2009
Italy 24-Aug-2009
Austria 28-Aug-2009
Portugal 24-Aug-2009
Switzerland 24-Aug-2009
Spain 24-Aug-2009
Ireland 21-Aug-2009
Greece 24-Aug-2009
Denmark 24-Aug-2009
Finland 24-Aug-2009
Norway 24-Aug-2009
Sweden 24-Aug-2009
Belgium 24-Aug-2009
Netherlands 24-Aug-2009
Luxembourg 24-Aug-2009
Poland 24-Aug-2009
Romania 24-Aug-2009
Hungary 24-Aug-2009
Bulgaria 24-Aug-2009
Czech Republic 24-Aug-2009
Slovakia 24-Aug-2009
Estonia 24-Aug-2009
Latvia 24-Aug-2009
Lithuania 24-Aug-2009
Russia 24-Aug-2009
Ukraine 24-Aug-2009
Slovenia 28-Aug-2009
Croatia 28-Aug-2009
Bosnia 28-Aug-2009
Macedonia 28-Aug-2009
Argentina 24-Aug-2009
Brazil 24-Aug-2009
Chile 24-Aug-2009
Colombia 24-Aug-2009
Venezuela 24-Aug-2009
Iraq 24-Aug-2009
Israel 24-Aug-2009
Lebanon 24-Aug-2009
Jordan 24-Aug-2009
Turkey 24-Aug-2009
Syrian Arab Republic 24-Aug-2009
Kuwait 24-Aug-2009
Saudi Arabia 24-Aug-2009
Yemen 24-Aug-2009
United Arab Emirates 24-Aug-2009
Katar 24-Aug-2009
Oman 24-Aug-2009
Tunisia 24-Aug-2009
South Africa 24-Aug-2009


4 Responses to “New Moon Rising to be released in days!”

  1. COTW on August 22nd, 2009 2:26 pm

    Just released digitally tho?

  2. chimaera on August 22nd, 2009 4:44 pm

    Looks like it, yeah.

  3. Narfix on August 22nd, 2009 5:18 pm

    France is missing… Hope they won’t forget us in their tour… I’m dying to see them !!!

  4. Wolfmother to release White Feather : The Original Wolfmother Fan Site on November 22nd, 2009 10:46 pm

    […] 22, 2009 by Andre  Following the release of “New Moon Rising” as the lead single from Cosmic Egg back in August (not counting the “Back Round” free […]

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