Cosmic Egg artwork

August 9, 2009

Just saw this on Twitter:

bartondamer Got to do artwork for WOLFMOTHER. Can’t wait for the new tour. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! @positron76

Cosmic Egg

Pretty amazing in my opinion. Interesting font for “Cosmic Egg” though … can’t decide whether it fits?

In case you hadn’t seen it, the same guy did this poster to promote the tour:
Wolfmother Tour

London gig sells out in 4 minutes – who said Wolfmother aren’t popular in the UK?

August 3, 2009

Thankfully I managed to type my card number in quickly enough, because literally one minute after I got my ticket confirmation I went back to the sales page and they were gone!

Wolfmother London ticket confirmation

So who else grabbed their tickets?

On a more serious note, although The Lexington is a small venue (250 capacity), Wolfmother must have some residual popularity in the UK for the tickets to go so quickly. Let’s hope it encourages the band to head back here before long for a further set of gigs to promote Cosmic Egg.

Wolfmother in London! August 12

August 1, 2009

The Lexington

Yup, believe it or not they are finally back. And it’s at a tiny venue, the same one where I saw Tame Impala. Only holds a couple of hundred people. This is going to be immense.

Here’s the news direct:


It’s been too long, but Wolfmother are to come hurtling back into our hearts and heads next month with a super special, intimate show at the Lexington in London on August 12th. This will be your one and only chance to catch the band in such a small venue before they return later in the year for a full tour. A very limited number of tickets go on sale on Monday, August 3rd at 10am so you’ll need to be quicker than the speed of light to get hold of one of these golden tickets.

Wolfmother come fresh off a jetplane, beholding a weighty behemoth of a 2nd record, Cosmic Egg, in their palms, and more ready than ever to tear open the minds of the masses and let their newfound magic and melody medicine swim within.

This will be the first chance to hear the contents of their new wonderbeast, showcasing a mostly new suite of Wolfmother material, with a healthy handful of their marvelous self-titled debut thrown in. Not to be missed.

The Lexington site also says that the support will be “Toe Hammer”, who I’ve never heard of – anyone else?

Venue: The Lexington, London
Date: August 12
Time: 8pm
Tickets: Click here – on sale Monday August 3rd, 10am. Just don’t get them before I do!

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