Wolfmother – up close and personal

October 4, 2009

Absolut vodka are releasing a special edition bottle – the Rock Edition. It’s the Absolut vodka we all know and love (okay, so those of us of legal drinking age of course), but wrapped in leather and studs. Check it out:


Okay, so that’s pretty cool I hear you say … but what’s the Wolfmother angle? Well, Absolut not only gave their vodka a rocking jacket, they tasked legendary photographer Danny Clinch to follow Wolfmother around for several days – resulting in an amazing film which you can view on the Absolut site. Well, if you are over 21/18 of course =0)

Click the image below to enter, enter your birthdate … truthfully of course … crack open a beer (or vodka) and enjoy.

Absolut Rock Edition

Amazing live performances of Cosmic Egg tracks

October 4, 2009

Hopefully some of you made it to the concert itself last Friday, but for those that didn’t, Yahoo Music’s Guitar Hero 5 Fridays bring you high quality video footage and recordings from the night.

Click the banner here for the blog write up, or the links to each individual video are posted below.
Yahoo Music

  1. New Moon Rising
  2. Back Round
  3. Cosmic Egg
  4. Woman
  5. White Unicorn
  6. The consensus on the forums seems to be that the band rocked this show and that Back Round, Cosmic Egg and White Unicorn in particular were amazing. What do you think?

    The band also did an interview, you can check that out below!
    Yahoo Music Interview

    Start your weekend with a dose of the ‘mother

    October 1, 2009

    I recently posted about the upcoming free Wolfmother gig in support of Guitar Hero 5, but as that’s tonight Aussie time I thought it was worth a reminder. If you are in the Sydney area, or if you have a car and enough cash for petrol (come on you Perthites(?), show some commitment!), get yourself to Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter tonight (ie Friday) and experience Wolfmother outdoors at what I expect will be a mammoth gig (hey, great name for an album, mammoth …).

    Wolfmother – Free Live Outdoor Concert
    Friday October 2nd
    Bent St, Entertainment Quarter
    5PM / FREE / all ages

    Also, click here or the [Read more] link to check out episode 4 of Transmissions From the Cosmic Egg [Read more]

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