Where’s wm.net?

March 21, 2010

Well, just like Wally (or Waldo as some of you seem to call him for inexplicable reasons), wm.net has been found safe and well and is back online. So wtf happened? Well, simple stupidity really! I was away for business this week and hadn’t had chance to check my emails or the site. So imagine my horror when I logged on about an hour ago to find the site gone! I expect some of you had a similar reaction, though perhaps to a lesser extent. I immediately checked the domain registration and found it had expired. Domain registrars mail you so often with reminders about domain renewals, there’s really no excuse for forgetting – though you also get so many it’s easy not to take the notice of them that you should. So yes, the domain expired – but thankfully I was in time to reactivate it, which I just did, and as you can see things are back online already.

I promise it won’t happen again and apologies for any inconvenience!