Dave Atkins leaves Wolfmother

April 23, 2010

It seems things are changing yet again in the Wolfmother camp… after under two years of service, drummer David “Acosta” Atkins has decided to leave the band. In an email sent to mailing list subscribers, it was revealed that “Dave Atkins has decided to leave the band to spend much-needed time at home with his family”, possibly choosing to favour his other music endeavours (Resin Dogs, drum tuition) over The Wolfies. The email went on to say that “Dave has had a great experience touring and recording with the band … and may well still be around for future recordings”, although let the history books read that Atkins left the band in April 2010. We here at WM.net would like to say thanks for everything, Dave!

But Wolfmother will not be without a member, as they have wasted no time in hiring an American drummer called…

Will Rockwell-Scott!

Rockwell-Scott has performed with an American garage rock band called The Mooney Suzuki since its foundation in 1996, and has now joined Wolfmother on a temporary trial basis until the end of the Cosmic Egg touring cycle, until at least the end of this summer, although it is likely (dare I say) that he will then stay on full-time. The Mooney Suzuki are a great, fast-paced, all-out rock band, who you may recognise as the creators of “Shake That Bush Again”, which was featured on the video game Burnout 3, and/or “Alive & Amplified”, which was featured in a number of video games and performed well in the charts. The story of Rockwell-Scott’s enlistment is as follows: “After Andrew’s performances in L.A with Slash, the band decided to audition a few drummers whilst they were in town. And we’ve come across a young gun by the name of Will Rockwell-Scott of ‘Mooney Suzuki’ and ‘Har Mar Superstar’ fame. We’re very happy to have him on board and Will is keen as mustard to enter into the realm of Wolfmother.”

So turn those frowns upside down — we’ve got a new Wolfie on board, and it seems Dave could be hanging about making some rare appearances… WOLFMOTHER! Discuss it on the forums :)

Music video for “Far Away” released!

April 9, 2010

The new music video for the fourth single from Cosmic Egg, “Far Away”, has been released! Directed by production team “Hydra” (who I know also directed Muse’s fantastic video for “Uprising”), the video has been well-received over at the forums and proves to be a lot more fruitful than the plain videos for “New Moon Rising” and “White Feather” (as well-done as they were). Click here to check out the video!

Words on the video from the forums:

thematinator: “God that was great, definitely my favourite Wolfmother video…”

turdface: “Probably their best music video.”

b-RyCe: “AWESOME … I likez what I see!”

Want to star in a Slash/Stockdale music video?

April 2, 2010

Well if you are in LA, you have a chance! 75 lucky people will be chosen as extras for the shoot next weekend. Interestingly, you must be willing to have your clothing trashed and get dirty – sounds like it will be lots of fun!!

More details as posted on Facebook:

Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother and legendary guitarist Slash will be shooting a music video for the single “By The Sword” FRIDAY April 9th and SATURDAY April 10th in the Los Angeles area.

This video is being directed by Director/Cinematographer Vance Burberry.

We are looking for 75 extras male/female 18-22 yrs old – all ethnicities. Punk/rock and roll types, anyone who is into great Rock and Roll, for a concert crowd/mosh pit setting. You must be available for a long day of 12-14 hours, as the extras are a major creative factor in this video. We will need people to crowd surf, slide down a tube and more. You should be ready to take clear direction. Locations are interior/dark and exterior day.

Please note there is no pay involved however we will provide lunch and drinks.

Important: Extras must be willing to get dirty, in their own clothing, which will need to get trashed with help from our wardrobe department.

If you would like to be a part of this fun music video that will get some great exposure, please submit full name, photo, age, and cell number to slashmusicvideo@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and submissions.

In other news, you can now get the band’s Live From Sydney EP on iTunes – awesome show, worth a few bucks to get:

Track Listing:
1. Dimension
2.Cosmic Egg
5.Joker and the Thief