Wolfmother Cancel European Dates!

May 29, 2010

Rock stars across the globe are all falling down due to illness! Bono recently cancelled his headline slot at Glastonbury and postponing many other gigs due to his back. Well it seems Andrew Stockdale is doing something similar!

Wolfmother are due to play at the Oxegen Festival in Ireland in July however an announcement on the festivals website says that Wolfmother have pulled out of that slot due to illness (despite the festival being 2 months away). 

Also Main Square Festival also shares the same message of Wolfmother cancelling their venue. The French festivals website also says its due to Andrew Stockdale is unable to fly due to medical reasons. 

Wolfmother are due to play on AC/DC’s own stage at the Download festival in the UK on June 11 th and many fans on the forum have tickets for Hard Rock Calling at Hyde Park on June 25th however it is unclear whether they have cancelled their many other dates which are scheduled for the following months.

If you are due to go to a Wolfmother gig anytime soon, I would give the venue a call to find out if the gig is cancelled and please leave a message if you have been affected by this. Also I would like to wish Andrew the best on a speedy recovery!

I will update if I head anything! Watch this space!

Update: Fellow forum member, Sinclaire, has pointed out to me that the Oxegen Festival website reports Wolfmother have indeed cancelled their full european tour. Sorry folks, it does appear that those hoping to see Wolfmother in June or July are not going to be doing that! watch this space!

Update 2: Ok folks, it is now official that Wolfmother have cancelled ALL of their european gigs (including Download Festival and Hard Rock Calling) and if there are any other gigs outside of europe, I expect them to be cancelled to! If you have a ticket to a Wolfmother gig (not a festival) please contact the venue! If you are going to a festival.. Please still enjoy yourself!