Wolfmother confirmed for Big Day Out 2011

September 27, 2010

It has been confirmed that Wolfmother will be performing at the 2011 edition of the Australian travelling music festival Big Day Out. The band will appear alongside such fellow Australian artists as Airbourne, Lowrider and the John Butler Trio, and such international artists as Tool, Iggy Pop and Primal Scream. The festival, which visits six cities in Australia and New Zealand over a two-week period, is due to run between 21 January and 6 February in the new year, and will be Wolfmother’s third appearance on the tour, after performances in 2005 and 2006.

The full BDO touring schedule is as follows:

21 January 2011 – Mt Smart Stadium (Auckland, New Zealand)

23 January 2011 – Gold Coast (Parklands, Australia)

26 January 2011 – Showgrounds (Sydney, Australia)

30 January 2011 – Flemington Racecourse (Melbourne, Australia)

4 February 2011 – Showground (Adelaide, Australia)

6 February 2011 – Claremont Showground (Perth, Australia)

Read the full BDO lineup at the following link: click!

Wolfmother made to u-turn on Indonesian festival

September 23, 2010

Well, it seems Wolfmother are in fact going to play at the Java Rockin’Land Festival in October. Judging by the statement on the official site, and the removal of Andrew’s previous statement, the band are being forced to live up to their performance by their management, and the moral stance has been changed to a neutral one. Read the full statement below:

“Wolfmother will be playing at Java Rockin’land Festival on October 10th. This one is for the fans in Indonesia who have parted with their very own cold hard cash to see Wolfmother. We realize their are sponsors and we neither support or condemn the sponsors affiliated with the festival. We are very much looking forward to what we hope will be the first of many shows to come in Indonesia.”

Wolfmother drop out of Indonesian festival on moral grounds

September 22, 2010

Wolfmother have officially pulled out of the Java Rockin’Land music festival to be held in October 2010 in Indonesia. According to a statement from lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, which can be read in full below or on the official Wolfmother website, the band have chosen to cancel their headlining show on the basis of moral opposition to one of the festival’s sponsors, a cigarette-producing conglomerate. Stockdale has promised that the band will make an effort to visit Indonesia to perform for its fans at some point in the future, although this may not be until the band next tours, which could be in 2011 or later.

Read the full Andrew Stockdale statement below:

Hello Folks,

Well I’m very sorry to hear of the negative light that has been shone upon our October trip to play in Jakarta. As far as I knew it was a festival! I had no idea of any sponsoring or affiliations with a large tobacco company. My brother’s wife is Indonesian and my two nephews are half-Indonesian so I was looking forward to heading over to Indonesia to check it out so to speak. Now I find myself being vilified as some morally decrepit individual using the tobacco industries money to line my pockets. So I have to make my voice heard in this situation.

With the severity of the issue of smoking in Indonesia, I completely understand that bands playing with promo girls handing out cigarettes isn’t going to help kids stop smoking in Indonesia.

So it is without hesitation I will now announce that we will be cancelling our headline show at Java Rockin’ Land on the 10th of October 2010. We are very regretful to miss this opportunity to play to our Indonesian fans, though hopefully in the not too distant future we can do more shows under different terms.

All the best,

Andrew Stockdale