Andrew Stockdale in the Market for New Drummer

May 11, 2013

Hamish RosserAndrew Stockdale has revealed that former Wolfmother sticksman Hamish Rosser will not be performing on his upcoming solo tour this June, giving fans a unique opportunity to perform with the band by showing off their own drumming skills and joining the remaining four members in Australia.

Tweeting earlier today (May 11th), Stockdale cut straight to the point when he revealed “I’m looking for a drummer for the AS [Andrew Stockdale] OZ tour, anyone interested follow and send a DM”. In response to the question of Rosser’s omission, the frontman explained that “He’s out, I couldn’t afford his rate. AS tour is scaling down to smaller venues, I couldn’t pay the WM [Wolfmother] rates”. Rosser originally joined Wolfmother in early 2012 after leaving The Vines, and performed on three tracks on Stockdale’s upcoming album Keep Moving.

In order to be in with a chance of performing with Stockdale, Peres, Steele and Hammond this summer, all fans have to do is send the singer a few videos of their performances of Wolfmother songs ‘Woman’ and ‘Joker & the Thief’ and solo songs ‘Long Way to Go’ and ‘Keep Moving’, and commit to touring this June in Australia. Numerous followers have already expressed their interest on Twitter and Facebook.

Wolfmother’s original drummer was Myles Heskett, who formed the band with Stockdale and Chris Ross way back in 2000. Dave Atkins replaced him in 2008, although left himself due to other commitments two years later. The Mooney Suzuki drummer Will Rockwell-Scott joined in 2010, before leaving in 2012 for Rosser to fill the gap.