10th Anniversary Edition of Self-Titled Album Coming

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Old news by now for most of you, I know, but just something to get the ball rolling again after a long period of inactivity…

Wolfmother 10th Anniversary EditionWolfmother are to release a 10th anniversary edition of their self-titled debut album later this year. The album, commemorating ten years since the October 2005 Australian release of the seminal rock release, will feature all 13 original tracks plus B-sides and previously unreleased demo recordings.

The special deluxe edition of Wolfmother is set to be released on Friday, 25 September 2015. The five B-sides included are ‘The Earth’s Rotation Around the Sun’ (from the ‘Mind’s Eye’ single), an acoustic version of ‘Vagabond’ (from the ‘Woman’ single), the Loving Hands remix of ‘Joker & the Thief’ (from the ‘Joker & the Thief’ single), the MSTRKRFT remix of ‘Woman’ (from the ‘Woman’ single) and the Chicken Lips Malfunction remix of ‘Love Train’ (from the ‘Love Train’ single).

A second disc includes ten demo recordings and five live performances, many of which have not been released (or at least released everywhere) before. Many of the demo recordings from the fabled Velvet Sound Demo, recorded for Interscope Records in a single day prior to the recording of the final album. These have never been officially released, or even made their way into wide distribution (as far as this experienced author is aware, anyway!).

In related news, Wolfmother are set to release their fourth studio album in 2016. Early track titles included ‘Wedding’, ‘City Lights’, ‘Behemoth’ and ‘Simple Life’. The album was produced by Brendan O’Brien. But more on that later, I’m sure…

Wolfmother 10th anniversary edition track listing

Disc one: original album and bonus B-sides:

  1. ‘Dimension’
  2. ‘White Unicorn’
  3. ‘Woman’
  4. ‘Where Eagles Have Been’
  5. ‘Apple Tree’
  6. ‘Joker & the Thief’
  7. ‘Colossal’
  8. ‘Mind’s Eye’
  9. ‘Pyramid’
  10. ‘Witchcraft’
  11. ‘Tales from the Forest of Gnomes’
  12. ‘Love Train’
  13. ‘Vagabond’
  14. ‘The Earth’s Rotation Around the Sun’
  15. ‘Vagabond’ (acoustic version)
  16. ‘Joker & the Thief’ (Loving Hands remix)
  17. ‘Woman’ (MSTRKRFT remix)
  18. ‘Love Train (Chicken Lips Malfunction remix)

Disc two: demos, B-sides and live recordings:

  1. ‘Dimension’ (demo)
  2. ‘White Unicorn’ (demo)
  3. ‘Woman’ (early days demo)
  4. ‘Apple Tree’ (demo)
  5. ‘Not Goin’ Home’ (‘Joker & the Thief’ demo)
  6. ‘Colossal’ (demo)
  7. ‘Pyramid’ (early jam demo)
  8. ‘Witchcraft’ (rehearsal room demo)
  9. ‘Love Train’ (rehearsal room demo)
  10. ‘Vagabond’ (rehearsal room demo)
  11. ‘Woman’ (live)
  12. ‘Tales from the Forest of Gnomes’ (live)
  13. ‘Mind’s Eye’ (live)
  14. ‘Dimension’ (live)
  15. ‘Where Eagles Have Been’ (live)


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