New Album Victorious Confirmed, Tour Announced

November 20, 2015

Wolfmother Victorious AlbumSo… looks like the rumours were right on the money! Wolfmother have confirmed that their fourth studio album will be entitled Victorious and will see release on 19th February 2016. The release looks to be supported by the band’s label Universal, contrary to the self-released New Crown of last year. The rumoured title Gypsy Caravan is actually the title of a new song, but the artwork was pretty much bang on so this could have been an earlier planned title for the album.

Customers who pre-order Victorious on iTunes (currently only available on the US store, possibly more when you’re reading this!) will also receive downloads of the tracks ‘Victorious‘ (the album’s lead single) and ‘City Lights‘. Both tracks are also available on YouTube (click song titles). The full track listing can be seen below. The one note I personally would make is that the album seems short, clocking in at just over 35 minutes. However, quality over quantity and all that, so bring it on.

The album is confirmed to feature frontman Andrew Stockdale on vocals, guitars and bass, with drums shared between Josh Freese and Joey Waronker. No word yet on whether Ian Peres and Vin Steele appear on the record, but they are not mentioned yet. Recording took place at Henson Studios in Hollywood, California with producer Brendan O’Brien.

EDIT: Andrew has since confirmed that Ian Peres will in fact be on the album. He played all the keyboards on the album, with bass handled by Andrew as mentioned. Andrew stated in an interview with Loudwire that the recording of the keys “only took two days”.

Also confirmed is a North American tour, which will start on 24th February in Minneapolis, Minnesota and run until 1st April in Vancouver, British Columbia. Full details can be found at this exclusive Billboard magazine interview with Andrew.

Victorious track listing:

  1. The Love That You Give — 2:38
  2. Victorious — 4:24
  3. Baroness — 3:15
  4. Pretty Peggy — 3:49
  5. City Lights — 3:51
  6. The Simple Life — 3:12
  7. Best of a Bad Situation — 3:07
  8. Gypsy Caravan — 3:34
  9. Happy Face — 3:31
  10. Eye of the Beholder — 3:59

New Single ‘Victorious’ Coming Soon?

November 13, 2015

Wolfmother VictoriousHot on the heels of some teasing photos from a filming session for an upcoming music video, Wolfmother have revealed the first solid detail of their new album — a song (presumably) called ‘Victorious’.

Uploading the above piece of cover art onto their Instagram account, the band assured fans that the as-yet unknown work was “coming soon”. It’s assumed that this is the lead single from the band’s upcoming fourth album, as the cover art bears the image of the cool space guitar used in the video.

Interestingly, if you search “Wolfmother Victorious” on Google, there are a couple of strange results. Firstly, a post on a music website called MusicTAP in which there is some artwork bearing the title Gypsy Caravan and predicting a 19 February 2016 release date for the album. I’ve never heard of the site, so I imagine it isn’t much more than a personal blog, and with the massive amounts of made-up artwork we’ve seen over the years, take this with a MASSIVE pinch of salt.

However, check this out. As far as I can tell, that’s an official Universal Music Group website, and that lists a single called ‘Victorious’ with a release date of 19 February. Could this be when we hear the first snippet of Wolfmother’s fourth album. And, given that lead singles are typically released a week or two before the album, could we see the full collection before the end of Q1?

Damn, this is all moving so quickly…

Wolfmother Shooting AWESOME Music Video

November 10, 2015

Wolfmother Music VideoIf you follow Wolfmother on Instagram (click here for the good stuff), you’ll have seen that the band have shared a few photos of a filming session for what promises to be an incredible music video.

As of the time of this article’s posting, the band have posted three photos said to be from the filming session(s). Things to note include the use of a green screen (suggesting there will be some use of special effects), guest stars (do these guys look familiar to anyone?) and Andrew’s incredible Star Wars-esque guitar (above). No sign of other band members yet, though.

Credit where credit is due — the guitar in question was created by a gentleman called Dominic “Nico” Guidote, who revealed in a comment on one of the photos that he calls it the “Guitar Destroyer”. He even suggested, in reply to a comment from the band’s account, that it might be used at future gigs… WHAT?! Incredible.

Given that the band’s last music video was shot awkwardly next to a van and in a rehearsal room, this is a pretty exciting new development. It also suggests that recording is coming to an end, as the lead single at least must be ready to go! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN, CHOO-CHOO!

Teaser Clip Posted for New Album, Includes Music

November 5, 2015

Wolfmother In the StudioSo by now it’s common knowledge among fans that Wolfmother are recording their fourth studio album at the moment, but the band have ENGAGED HYPE MODE and now we can hear a very, very short clip from the album. Click here for the goods.

In terms of its sound, it is classic Wolfmother — a heavy guitar riff, rolling drums, dirty bass — and its production style could be described as somewhere between Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg… it sounds well produced, but not over-produced. It might only be 15 seconds long, but reactions from fans are already positive, with many applauding the direction.

Not too much is known about the as-yet untitled album from the Aussie rockers, but we do know that Andrew and co. (even the lineup is yet to be confirmed — at latest check, it was Andrew, Ian and Vin) have recorded at Jim Henson Studios in LA, and that they have been working with producer Brendan O’Brien. Andrew has also posted photos confirming he’s worked with drummers such as Josh Freese, although it’s unknown if this is for the Wolfmother record or not.

Look out in 2016 for the new album!

Click here to check out the sample.