Teaser Clip Posted for New Album, Includes Music

November 5, 2015 by  

Wolfmother In the StudioSo by now it’s common knowledge among fans that Wolfmother are recording their fourth studio album at the moment, but the band have ENGAGED HYPE MODE and now we can hear a very, very short clip from the album. Click here for the goods.

In terms of its sound, it is classic Wolfmother — a heavy guitar riff, rolling drums, dirty bass — and its production style could be described as somewhere between Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg… it sounds well produced, but not over-produced. It might only be 15 seconds long, but reactions from fans are already positive, with many applauding the direction.

Not too much is known about the as-yet untitled album from the Aussie rockers, but we do know that Andrew and co. (even the lineup is yet to be confirmed — at latest check, it was Andrew, Ian and Vin) have recorded at Jim Henson Studios in LA, and that they have been working with producer Brendan O’Brien. Andrew has also posted photos confirming he’s worked with drummers such as Josh Freese, although it’s unknown if this is for the Wolfmother record or not.

Look out in 2016 for the new album!

Click here to check out the sample.


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