Victorious Debuts on the Billboard Charts

March 2, 2016

Victorious at number 2Following on from last week’s news of its early chart positions, Victorious has now debuted on the various Billboard charts in the United States and Canada.

Firstly, the album enters the Billboard 200 (the main albums chart in the US) at number 71. Some have labelled this a disappointment due to the much higher peaks of Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg — #22 and #16, respectively — although it remains much higher than New Crown‘s #160.

In Canada, Victorious has debuted at number 33 on the Billboard national albums chart. Again, this is slightly lower than Wolfmother (#29) and Cosmic Egg (#12), but a top 40 result is nonetheless a highly respectable achievement.

On Billboard‘s more specific charts, Victorious has registered the following debut positions:

Victorious Charts at #17 in Australia

February 27, 2016

Victorious at number 17The first batch of chart positions for Victorious have been published and the news is mainly brilliant! The album has surpassed the band’s previous highest positions in several territories, including both Belgian regions (Flanders: #35, Wallonia: #49), Germany (#9) and Italy (#92).

Similarly, the release has equalled the band’s previous record in the UK of #25 (set by Wolfmother in 2006), where it has also topped the Rock & Metal Albums Chart for the first time in their career. In the Netherlands, the album debuted at #20 (in between the peaks of Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg).

The news is slightly less positive in the band’s home country, though, where Victorious has debuted at number 17 on the ARIA Albums Chart. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the position won’t improve in the coming weeks, but both Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg debuted at their peak positions of #3 upon release. Nonetheless, charting within the top 20 is obviously good news!

Many charts are yet to be published and will come to light in the coming days, including other regions in Europe, New Zealand, and the range of US and Canadian Billboard charts.

Victorious on Track for UK Chart Success

February 24, 2016

The Official UK ChartsWolfmother’s new album is on track for chart success in the UK. According to the latest Official Albums Chart Update, Victorious is currently the 17th highest-selling album in the country since last Friday, 19th February.

As well as beating out competition from new releases by bands such as Simple Plan and Animal Collective, the ranking is also the highest Wolfmother have achieved in the UK, topping Wolfmother (#25) and Cosmic Egg (#35).

The full chart is published this Friday, 26th February, but at this point it is safe to say that Wolfmother will have a new UK chart record with their latest release. This trend is expected to be replicated in several regions across the world, based on positive iTunes chart updates throughout the week. Check back for more updates on Friday!

Meanwhile, lead single ‘Victorious’ is now at #31 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart!

‘Victorious’ Moves Up Billboard Chart

February 10, 2016

After entering the chart at number 40 last week, Victorious lead single ‘Victorious’ has risen six places on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart to number 34.

The song’s success is likely due in large part to the attention it is receiving on music streaming service Spotify, where as of this article’s publishing it has over 430,000 listens.

Cosmic Egg lead single ‘New Moon Rising’ reached number 33 on the chart in 2009, while Wolfmother classic ‘Woman’ reached a band record of number 7 in 2006.

‘Victorious’ Single Charts in the US

February 5, 2016

The title track from Wolfmother’s upcoming album, ‘Victorious’ has charted in the United States. The song reached number 40 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart for the week of 13th February 2016.

‘Victorious’ is the first Wolfmother song to register on the Mainstream Rock chart in over six years, since ‘New Moon Rising’ reached number 33 in 2009. Previous entries include ‘Woman’ (#7) and ‘Joker & the Thief’ (#27).

New Crown on the Billboard Charts!

April 10, 2014

Despite its lack of early promotion and marketing, or even a widespread physical release as of yet, Wolfmother’s third album New Crown has charted on the United States Billboard 200 albums chart.

Following on from its success on various iTunes charts around the world, New Crown has crept into the Billboard 200 at number 160; and despite being far lower than both Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg – which reached 22 and 16 on the chart respectively – the position is no doubt impressive for a surprise independent release.

The album has also reached number 46 on the Top Rock Albums chart, and an impressive number 9 on the Hard Rock Albums chart. No official confirmation from any other regions yet, but New Crown is likely to chart in Australia and possibly a few countries in Europe, too.

Keep Moving Debuts on Australian Chart

June 16, 2013

ARIA ChartsFollowing its release last Friday (June 7th), Andrew Stockdale’s debut solo album Keep Moving has debuted at number 32 on the ARIA Albums Chart in Australia.

The position is much lower than that achieved by Stockdale’s two efforts with Wolfmother, both of which opened at their peak position of number three on the chart in 2005 and 2009 respectively, although with increased promotional activity in the previous week it is possible that this will improve.

Album charts in other regions around the world will be finalised in the coming days, including the UK Albums Chart later today and the US Billboard 200 later in the week, and as always will keep you up to date with all news.

Cosmic Egg chart performance

November 23, 2009

wolfmotherNow that the hype of the long-awaited release of Cosmic Egg has had time to calm down, it is about time we took a look at how the album has performed around the world!

In the band’s native Australia, Cosmic Egg reached #3 in the ARIA Albums Chart, exactly the same position as the debut self-titled album. A respectable position, Wolfmother were beaten to the top spot only by Michael Jackson’s This Is It, an album which needs no hype, and Michael Buble’s extremely successful Crazy Love.

Other highlights include top-20 finishes in Austria, Germany (both #11), the Netherlands (#14), Norway (#15) and the United States (#16). Disappointments were minor, but include the UK Albums Chart position of #35, not only a relatively poor performance but also a drop of 10 positions on Wolfmother. Check out the full list of chart positions below! (First number is Cosmic Egg position, second number is self-titled position; bold countries are improvements in position.) [Read more]