New Album ‘New Crown’ Available on Bandcamp!

March 23, 2014

Wolfmother New CrownFour months after sharing demos of 8 new songs, Wolfmother have made the final versions of all 11 songs on the new record available for download on Bandcamp.

Revealing the official title as New Crown, the tracks can be streamed for free and downloaded individually for a fee of your choice (AU$1 or more), or the full album can be downloaded for just AU$7 (equal to just US$6.36/GB£3.86) or more from Bandcamp. In addition to the original 8 tracks, previously unheard tracks ‘Feelings’, ‘”I Ain’t Got No”‘ and ‘I Don’t Know Why’ have been added.

Click here to purchase New Crown!

The track listing can be seen below, and the album can be streamed and downloaded from the above link. There is no news yet on whether a physical release will follow, but we will keep you updated here at with any developments!

  1. How Many Times
  2. Enemy Is in Your Mind
  3. Heavy Weight
  4. New Crown
  5. Tall Ships
  6. Feelings
  7. “I Ain’t Got No”
  8. She Got It
  9. My Tangerine Dream
  10. Radio
  11. I Don’t Know Why

Wolfmother 3

December 13, 2013

For some reason the Soundcloud recording was taken down. If you hunt around you might be able to find a recording ;)

From initial comments, sounds like it’s going down well with fans.

Third Album Teaser Released

December 6, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen… Wolfmother’s third album is coming!

A teaser video has been released for the band’s follow-up to Cosmic Egg, released in 2009, which is currently untitled and simply referred to as Wolfmother III. The video features clips of a number of new tracks, including ‘Tall Ships‘ for which live video footage recently surfaced.

No word yet on a specific release date, but the video simply states 2014 is when the album will drop. More from when it is available.

CLICK HERE for the video!

‘Heavyweight’: Second New Song Surfaces

November 26, 2013

Just a quick post, guys: a second new song from the recently reformed Wolfmother has surfaced! Adding to ‘Tall Ships’, we now have ‘Heavyweight‘, which was recently performed at the Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst, Sydney on Monday 25th November. You can view the video of the performance here! Thanks to Wade Stewart for the video, who has also uploaded footage of ‘Tall Ships’ from the same show here.

Also, according to an anonymous source posting in the chat box (to the right), the third new song performed at one of the band’s recent shows was called ‘The Enemy Is in Your Mind’. It is assumed that all three tracks will appear on the band’s upcoming album, slated for release in spring 2014.

Keep Moving EP Released This Week!

April 25, 2013

Before the release of his debut 14-/15-track solo album in June, Andrew Stockdale has today (April 26th) released his first EP, Keep Moving. A digital-only collection, the EP features four songs slated to appear on the upcoming album of the same name, and is available for download from iTunes and Amazon.

If you live in Australia, Austria or Germany, you can download the EP from today; if you’re in the United Kingdom or another European country, it will be available from Sunday (April 28th); and if you’re based in the United States or Canada, you can download it from Tuesday (April 30th). Issued under the Universal label group, Keep Moving features the songs ‘Long Way to Go’, ‘Keep Moving’, ‘Somebody’s Calling’, and ‘Everyday Drone’, recorded by Stockdale and former Wolfmother bandmates in Byron Bay throughout the last year.

Keep Moving the album is currently scheduled for release on June 7th, 10th or 11th depending on your region, and will be Stockdale’s first release since Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg in 2009.

‘Long Way to Go’ Released on iTunes

April 11, 2013

After unleashing the music video last week, Andrew Stockdale has released his first solo single from the album Keep Moving in the form of ‘Long Way to Go’. The opening track on the album, ‘Long Way to Go’ is available to download from most regional iTunes stores now, with a marked release date of March 19th.

Stockdale’s last single came with original band Wolfmother almost three years ago, when ‘Far Away’ (backed with a live cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ was released as the fourth and final single from Cosmic Egg on June 3rd 2010. The single failed to chart, although the album was a relative success with improved chart positions from Wolfmother in numerous regions.

‘Long Way to Go’ marks the first step in Stockdale’s long path back to the top of modern rock, and as the first single by the singer-songwriter as a solo artist will be important in the rebuilding process for the Australian frontman. Lyrics for the single are available here.

Shed Sessions Videos Released, EP Revealed

April 4, 2013

After sharing a few teaser clips over the last couple of weeks, Andrew Stockdale has released a video series called Shed Sessions on his official YouTube channel. Filmed in Byron Bay, the videos document a recent performance by Stockdale and band members Ian Peres, Vin Steele, Elliott Hammond and Hamish Rosser, featuring songs from upcoming album Keep Moving.

Songs featured in the videos are ‘Occurred to Me’, ‘Let Somebody Love You’, ‘Suitcase’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘Country’, all of which are currently said to feature on the new record, as well as previously unreleased songs ‘Holding On’ and ‘Everyday Drone’. The videos can be found on Stockdale’s YouTube channel here.

Meanwhile, Stockdale has also revealed on Facebook that there will be a four-track EP with the same title released in April, the cover artwork of which can be found on Instagram.

The EP is slated to include album tracks ‘Long Way to Go’, ‘Keep Moving’ and ‘Somebody’s Calling’, in addition to previously performed song ‘Everyday Drone’, although there’s no word yet on whether these will be rough mixes, live recordings, or the final versions of these tracks.

Stick with for more news and updates from the Wolfmother/Stockdale camp!

‘Long Way to Go’ Video Released!

April 3, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first Andrew Stockdale solo music video! After hinting towards its production earlier in the year, the visual accompaniment to Keep Moving lead track ‘Long Way to Go’ was released by someone involved in the editing a week ago, without any of us noticing apparently!

Filmed in Byron Bay, ‘Long Way to Go’ features Stockdale and friends (band members Ian Peres, Vin Steele and Hamish Rosser, and “The Dancing Man” Tommy Franklin) dancing around in an empty warehouse, playing with a piñata and pretending to be chickens, and is available to view on Vimeo right here. The track also appears to have been remastered since Stockdale’s rough mix uploaded on Soundcloud recently. Check it out now, and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Facebook user Szergej Kaminszki for bringing the video to our attention!

Edit: Please note, the video above is a rough cut of the final video, and is not the official release.

Edit 2: The final video is now available to view here!

Keep Moving Release Dates Confirmed

March 25, 2013

Writing on Twitter earlier today (March 25th), Wolfmother frontman-turned solo musician Andrew Stockdale answered fans’ ongoing questions as to the official release date of his upcoming album Keep Moving. Originally slated for a makeshift digital release today, a rough mix of the album was initially made available for free streaming on Wolfmother’s SoundCloud profile on March 7th.

Stockdale’s debut album, or Wolfmother’s third album if you’d prefer, is officially set for release this year on May 31st in Australia, on June 3rd in the United Kingdom (and presumably most of Europe), and on June 4th in the United States (and presumably Canada). No word on record labels just yet, but the delay in the release timescale suggests that Keep Moving will now be set for a physical release.

More news from when it becomes available!

New Album RELEASED on SoundCloud

March 7, 2013

It’s the day we have all been waiting for: the new Wolfmother/Andrew Stockdale album is now available for full streaming! It’s been a long road… and I don’t know what to say!

Get on over to the Wolfmother SoundCloud NOW to hear the record (still untitled, oddly)! Leave your comments about the album below, on our forums, or on our Facebook page, and we’ll publish the best of the best at some point.

Track listing:
1. Long Way to Go — 4:52
2. Somebody’s Calling — 3:36
3. Keep Moving — 3:07
4. Let Somebody Love You — 3:19
5. Vicarious — 4:47
6. Occurred to Me — 4:21
7. Ghetto — 5:28
8. She’s a Motorhead — 3:42
9. Year of the Dragon — 4:48
10. Meridian — 4:56
11. Of the Earth — 4:21
12. Let It Go — 5:04
13. Country — 3:50
14. Suitcase — 4:06

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