New Single ‘Victorious’ Coming Soon?

November 13, 2015

Wolfmother VictoriousHot on the heels of some teasing photos from a filming session for an upcoming music video, Wolfmother have revealed the first solid detail of their new album — a song (presumably) called ‘Victorious’.

Uploading the above piece of cover art onto their Instagram account, the band assured fans that the as-yet unknown work was “coming soon”. It’s assumed that this is the lead single from the band’s upcoming fourth album, as the cover art bears the image of the cool space guitar used in the video.

Interestingly, if you search “Wolfmother Victorious” on Google, there are a couple of strange results. Firstly, a post on a music website called MusicTAP in which there is some artwork bearing the title Gypsy Caravan and predicting a 19 February 2016 release date for the album. I’ve never heard of the site, so I imagine it isn’t much more than a personal blog, and with the massive amounts of made-up artwork we’ve seen over the years, take this with a MASSIVE pinch of salt.

However, check this out. As far as I can tell, that’s an official Universal Music Group website, and that lists a single called ‘Victorious’ with a release date of 19 February. Could this be when we hear the first snippet of Wolfmother’s fourth album. And, given that lead singles are typically released a week or two before the album, could we see the full collection before the end of Q1?

Damn, this is all moving so quickly…

Physical Release of New Crown Coming?

March 24, 2014

New Crown physical editionAfter its release through Bandcamp at the weekend, a physical edition of Wolfmother’s new album New Crown may be on its way in the near future.

Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale today shared a photo on his Instagram account of the back cover of a shrink-wrapped CD copy of the album. The words “Promotional use only – not for sale” at the bottom of the cover denote this is a radio copy or other promo, but this may be a tease by Stockdale that a hard copy is coming.

Also notable is that the track listing on the CD is different from that included with the download of the album – only the original 8 demos are present, meaning ‘Feelings’, ‘”I Ain’t Got No”‘, and final track ‘I Don’t Know Why’ are absent; ‘My Tangerine Dream’ also drops the ‘My’ from its name.

Do you think a physical release of New Crown is coming, or that this is just a tease? Leave a comment below!

Wolfmother Returning Already?!

July 11, 2013

That, my friends, is a confused man – a representation of everyone here at right now.

So after everything that’s happened over the last six months – Andrew Stockdale going solo, the new album, tour dates – it seems we’re back to the start. It has been announced on the Wolfmother Facebook and Twitter pages that ‘the band’ is returning to play in the United States next week.

After a number of US tour dates were cancelled, with rumours flying that Stockdale was unable to sell enough tickets, it has been confirmed that Wolfmother will be playing a show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California next Monday (July 15th). Tickets will be available from the venue’s official website from tomorrow, and as always will keep you up to date with any more revelations in the Wolfmother/Stockdale camp!

Former Drummer Dave Atkins to Appear on Upcoming Third Album?

February 1, 2013

Andrew Stockdale and Dave AtkinsFollowing the news that the upcoming third album from Wolfmother, tentatively titled Gatherings, would feature four drummers and three bassists, it seems as if we have some solid indication of one of the sticksmen joining current band member Hamish Rosser on the record: former band member Dave “Acosta” Atkins.

Earlier on today (February 1st), Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale uploaded an image to his Instagram account captioned “Syked [sic] to be playing at DMS tonight!“, which depicts the singer-guitarist posing in front of a drummer with a striking resemblence to former band member Atkins. Originally from Brisbane, Atkins joined the band around November 2008, taking over from original drummer Myles Heskett as the first enlistment for ‘Phase 2’ of the group and performing on ‘Back Round’, before Ian Peres and Aidan Nemeth completed the new-look four-piece in January 2009. Despite leaving in April 2010 to focus on commitment to his family, Atkins has occasionally re-joined the band to perform live and help out with recording when needed.

With four drummers confirmed as appearing on the album, Atkins and successor Will Rockwell-Scott would be fair assumptions as to two of the three additional contributors, although the fourth is anyone’s guess (and it’s not Heskett!). This will come as welcome news to followers of the band, as Big Dave is somewhat of a cult favourite amongst Wolfmother fans, who applaud his high energy performances and style of play behind the kit.

How would you feel about Atkins appearing on the new album? What’s your take on the whole “four drummers, three bassists” thing in general? Comment below, join in the discussion on our forums, or like our Facebook page!

Updated: New Music Video in Production?

May 12, 2012

New Wolfmother VideoDespite the lack of news being released by the band, it appears that Wolfmother are alive and well, and are said to be in the process of filming a new music video! Despite releasing no details regarding new songs or an album, a video is reportedly in the works according to a model claiming to be featured on the shoot.

Tweeting earlier today, Australian model Amanda Hinchcliffe revealed to her almost 2,500 followers that the band were filming a new music video, writing the following:

Teaser/Sneak peak From todays shoot for the new @wolfmother film Clip. [sic]

Attached to the tweet was an image of Hinchcliffe and another model, unidentified, which can be seen above and found in its original size here. will have more information as soon as it is available.


Australian boutique The End Collective last night posted another photo from the video shoot on their Facebook page, which can be found here. The shot features most of the band, as well as another female dancer/model, performing in a studio-like setting. The post was retweeted by the official Wolfmother Twitter account, so its legitimacy seems confirmed.

Todd DiCiurcio, another party involved in the video who simply describes himself as an “artist”, also tweeted a photo from the end of the shoot yesterday, which can be found here.

Third album: preliminary details

June 3, 2011

A few early details regarding Wolfmother’s upcoming third album have been obtained by a fan who was lucky enough to speak to the band backstage at a recent gig. moderator Jimmi was at the June 1st gig in London, England, and met Stockdale and co. before and after the gig to have a sneaky discussion about the currently untitled follow-up to 2009’s Cosmic Egg.

Writing on the forums, Jimmi explained that the third album is completely recorded and mixed, with just “a few vocal touch up[s] needed”. The album will apparently comprise 12 tracks and be released in approximately three months, indicating a September 2011 release. As for the new songs, Jimmi claims that he has heard a total of five unreleased tracks: two in soundcheck, two in the live set, and another backstage after the gig; he praised the new direction, noting that the songs had “good thumping riffs” and were “really catchy”.

A quick search on YouTube brings up a couple of indications as to the new material, including a song being referred to as “The Year of the Dragon” and another song for which the title is as yet unknown. Another video floating around from the gig shows the band covering a portion of the Led Zeppelin classic “Stairway to Heaven“. It is unknown when this new material will see the light of day, but it seems that the band are ready to release it some time before the end of the year (save for any trademark delays, of course).

Wolfmother to release new material?

August 27, 2010

According to a post on the official Wolfmother forums (which have NOTHING on the forums!) by the band’s very own Mr. Stockdale, the band are planning to release some new studio material before the end of the year! Whether this will happen or not, however, given Wolfmother’s history of delays and false promises, remains to be seen, so take this news with a slight pinch of salt.

Interestingly, Andrew’s post was aimed at fans in an interrogative sense, asking for opinions on what medium of release should be issued and what kind of recording should be sought. The full post reads as follows:

“Hello All,

We are considering recording an E.P / Album and releasing it later in the year. So there are two ways of doing this, we are thinking of continuing in the home studio the same way as we did Back Round and Fell Down A Hole, or sticking with the big Producer/Engineer classic studio approach. This next record is definitly going to be a a fast natural process, mixing up live takes and extended instrumental pieces.

Something gets lost in laying down drums then tracking every instrument and layering up a record, it’s a safe big album approach though it’s hard to find nuaince and expression within these recordings….

Just throwing it out there,

What are the people who listen to Wolfmother looking for, should the creators lead without concern for their audience? Either way I’m interested to hear peoples opinions…


So get over to the forums and voice your opinion, then join us on the unofficial forums to chat about these developments!


October 23, 2009

The Egg has Landed from the Cosmos!

The Egg has Landed from the Cosmos!

And of course in various places around Europe too! Although those from the country of the Red Sun have had a two day head start! And those from United Kingdom have to wait until the 26th, and those in the US of A have to wait until the 27th!

I’ve already got my iTunes copy and Deluxe edition (and waiting for the vinyl to come in).

If you didn’t pre-order it on iTunes, you would have noticed you’re not able to get the Jimi Hendrix cover of “If 6 Was 9”, however, you’re in luck because another edition of Cosmic Egg has appeared on iTunes as the “standard edition” of Cosmic Egg with bonus tracks: “Sundial (Acoustic)”, “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” (a Neil Young cover) and “Mannish Boy” – another Jimi Hendrix cover. Those who DID pre-order the album on iTunes can still get these bonus tracks indivually.

What is most exciting now though is the email Wolfmother has just sent through it’s mailing list.

The bell does toll, the train has left the station and thy day hath arrived, Cosmic Egg the triumphant 2nd album by Wolfmother, is out today and available at all friendly physical and cyber retailers.

Cosmic Egg represents a giant leap forward for Wolfmother from their self-titled debut record and a bold step into the unknown. Shamelessly running the gauntlet of heaviosity from melancholic, piano-led laments to thundering heaving rock, Cosmic Egg shows reveals every colour in the Wolfmother rainbow as a vivid, blindingly good time.

Preceded by the ripping first single New Moon Rising, the 12 track album is now available in an array of wondrous formats. You can pick up a copy of Cosmic Egg as a standard 12 track CD, a deluxe 16 track digipak CD, double gatefold vinyl and of course, as a deluxe digital version with a bonus track through iTunes. If that isn’t enough for you, there will be a lush box set to follow in the new year.

A lush box set?! I’ve already bought three editions of the album already! (iTunes, Deluxe and Vinyl) And the prospect of a box set is making it look like it’s going to be 4!

We’ll have to wait until the new year for it’s release, but even with a new Wolfmother album already in my hands, I’m still just as excited (damn you good marketing strategy!).

More news as it comes!

Double Album?! Andrew on Twitter

April 13, 2009

After originally believing that this must be a fake, it appears that this Twitter account really is Mr Andrew Stockdale. The link was delivered via a MySpace bulletin as below:

Which is cool – after thinking Twitter was a load of crap for a long time, I finally gave it another go recently and am starting to see what the hype is about. But read the posts:

Tracked the 14th song “The Violence Of The Sun” original Fender Rhodes version. A Chaotic, cathartic, distorted, distracted proud mess.
6:36 AM Apr 11th from web

Onto the 9th song tracking drums, looks like this will be a double album spectacular. Yes! one follower congratulations!
11:15 PM Apr 9th from web

Yes, that does say “double album” and “tracked the 14th song”!!

I hope the Twitter “experiment” continues, it would be a very cool way to get updates straight from “the horses mouth”. As long as he doesn’t start getting his PA to write his posts up

White Feather – formally known as Wolfmother(?)

February 3, 2009

Many of you will have seen the emailer about the new gig coming up and the apparent band name change (personally I haven’t officially had the email yet – damn mailing system). Without an announcement alongside this, it is difficult to know what is behind this – is it:

  1. a permanent band name change to reflect the new direction, or “phase II” if you wish?
  2. a temporary change aimed at ‘testing the waters’ with a new lineup, in the hope that if things don’t go so well the Wolfmother name won’t be too badly tarnished?
  3. simply a promotional stunt aimed at getting mugs like us speculating what is going on to regenerate interest in the band?
  4. something else entirely?

My speculation is that it’s point 2 or 3 and not a permanent move.

Anyway, the upshot for now is that there are two gigs coming up very soon – click the images for tickets:

White Feather Gig

White Feather Gig

More news when I get it!

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