Wolfmother’s new drummer?

January 11, 2009

Earlier today I noticed a comment on the last post that created some massive deja-vu feelings. The comment from Michael said “THE NEW DRUMMER IS David? “?Acost?a”? Atkin?s” and a link to a MySpace profile. My immediate thought was “is this another Joshua Kerr?”, so I emailed Michael and asked for the source of his information.

Michael received a bulletin from The Drum Dojo, a professional drum school in Brisbane, that said:

David Atkins is listed as a teacher at The Drum Dojo, listed as “Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs/Pangaea/Hung/Wolfmother)”.

Following so far? Well another small indicator is that David is in Wolfmother’s top friends on their MySpace page.

And finally, I found a blog post from April 2008 that said:

Although Andrew Stockdale has apparently been recording demos with Resin Dogs’ drummer Dave Atkins it hasn’t heralded a move away from a 1970s rock sound into hip-hop… The song definitely remains the same…

All the signs point towards this being a valid rumour, but until I hear something more official I’ll not be getting too excited given other rumours last year. Anyone know anything about this guy or his previous bands?

Joshua who?

December 15, 2008

Joshua Kerr - Scammer?

[upate 17-Dec]While I think Ben (comments below) went about things in entirely the wrong way, I am inclined to believe that the use of Wolfmother’s name in promoting this concert was unintentional and not driven by either Ben or Josh. I am however going to leave the full post below because otherwise the comments and the whole situation would be difficult to understand. I hope that not too many fans were dissapointed after attending the show and wish Josh a speedy recovery.


Well it seems more and more certain that Mr Joshua Kerr was at the very least stretching the truth considerably when claiming he was lined up to be Wolfmother’s new bass player before being hit by a car while riding his bike.

I can confirm that Andrew jammed with a lot of potential bass players while in LA recently. One of them ended up doing a couple of weeks of demoing and such, but unfortunately I do not know how that was left. What I do know however is that his name was not Joshua Kerr! Joshua may have auditioned for the band and may even have got a callback, but he certainly was not in any way confirmed as a band member.

Reports also indicate that the extent of his accident and medical bills are exaggerated.

So Joshua Kerr, shame on you for stretching the truth on many fronts in the aim of raising some cash. And if any of the other bands knew this was the case, shame on you too.

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