Wolfmother.net forums featured in jmag magazine!

December 7, 2008

That’s right, popular Aussie music magazine jmag featured the Wolfmother Forums right here on this site in their latest magazine! Here is a summary of what was mentioned:

Safe topic for newbies: Vale Chris and Myles!

What we wish they’d talk about: Can anyone substantiate the rather lurid rumours we’ve heard about after parties and the like?

Likely avatar: A medusa with huge breasts, rising out of a mountain. Anything you’d find spraypainted on the side of a panel van, basically.

Most entertaining thread: Does Anyone Agree that Wolfmother Should Grow Their Hair Long? They Are Very Much A Long Hair Band.

Best quote: “I read one time that Andrew doesn’t drink, smoke, or use any sort of stimulants (including caffeine); but I’m having doubts.”

Best bickering: “Do you mean, did I steal your signature and use it as my username?”

Obsessive factor: Discussion of Andrew’s silver apple pendant that his girlfriend gave him.

In-joke: Not many laughs here.

Lust factor: There’s a lot of talk about the electrical tape on Chris’s bass. That’s lustful ’round these parts.

Top trolling: Cue a flurry of excitement when someone reveals they have Andrew’s phone number, but isn’t prepared to hand it over…for less than three dollars.

jmag love/hate: Actually, they’re indifferent. Or is that just us?

Actual article below (click for bigger):
jmag feature

Pretty sweet stuff, huh?! Interestingly, a lot of the information they featured is from two years ago – not much current discussion. But hey, I’ll still take it, dsepite the quip about having no in-jokes (which we definitely do).

Couple of site updates

August 17, 2008

I finally got around to making a couple of site changes. Firstly, I changed the Lyrics section to have one song per page – hopefully this will make it easier to find specific lyrics if you need to. Secondly, I have put up Wolfmother Guitar tabs, as provided by forum member Jimmi.

If you’d like to comment on, add to or correct either the tabs or lyrics, comment on the appropriate page or send me a mail.

New look wolfmother.net

July 27, 2008

Well here it is, the new look Wolfmother.net. I hope you enjoy it!

It is going to take a while for me to sort all of the other content out, so please bear with me for a while until it’s all done. Should be spic and span within a week or so – until then you’ll have to put up with the many images of a woman’s ass (from Woman of course). I figured there could be worse things to look at …

A few other things I plan on doing include the following, but any suggestions please tell me below:

  1. Better organise the Lyrics section with one song per page and in alphabetical order
  2. Categorise the posts better so you can differentiate between Tour updates, Band news and General site related news (I think those will be the three categories anyway)
  3. Setup the Flickr account so that you, the fans, can add your own pics and grow the image library
  4. Make sure the site looks good and without glitches
  5. Planned downtime

    July 26, 2008

    Just thought I’d let you know that at some point today or tomorrow the site will be down for a few hours (the forums will still be active). Yes, I am finally implementing a new design that I hope you will all like as much as me!

    Here’s a sneak preview:


    Competition winner!

    June 8, 2008

    Well thanks for all of the entries! Over 40 in all which is awesome.

    Well some of you probably noticed that there are different reported tracks lengths depending on where you look, and on this particular CD the length is different to the album or single. The correct answer was:


    Which means that some of you got it right! Six in fact:

    1. the winner (hopefully)
    2. Josh
    3. Wolfranco
    4. DrVeronica
    5. Ronnie
    6. enemyofaverage

    And by totally random deduction, the winner is … Wolfranco! Congratulations and I’ll be dropping you an email shortly to get your shipping details.

    Watch this space for another comp soon.

    Wolfmother competition #1

    June 1, 2008

    Well if you visit this and other Wolfmother sites regularly, you’ll be aware that it’s pretty quiet at the moment and everyone is getting antsy about when the new album will come out. After that brief period of excitement when the band performed some new songs, and we unearthed an old little-heard song, it’s back to “when is the new album coming out?”.

    To relieve some of the impatience, I’m going to hold a series of competitions over coming weeks and months with some great prizes. One of them was going to be “guess correctly the date the new Wolfmother album will be released” – but the way things are going that might be a while before we could confirm a winner! So instead here’s one that will run for a week from today with a guaranteed winner.

    Prize: Two picture ‘promo’ CDs. Dimension & Love Train.
    Wolfmother Promo CDs

    To enter: Tell me in the comments below the exact length of the Dimension (original not radio edit) track as written on the back of this promo CD. Note that this may or may not differ from the track length you will find on Wikipedia, Google etc! To give you a clue, it is written as follows:


    You need to tell me what the XX equals. If there’s more than one correct answer I will pick a winner at random. Remember to include your email address so I can get in touch with the winner (it will not be used for any other purpose).

    Good luck!

    Happy Birthday me!

    April 1, 2008

    Well, this site, technically! I can’t believe that it’s already two years ago that this site was born, and almost that for the forums. It’s was an exciting time putting together such a site because I’ve never done anything similar before, and when people actually started visiting I was over the moon. We now have hundreds of people a day visiting the main site and more frequenting the forums, even though news from the band has been non-existent for some time now. I know you are all dying to know when the new album is coming out, well so am I!

    Over the last two years, we’ve had various pieces of news about the band, tour updates, verification of song lyrics, and the odd rumour or two (which alas have tended to be untrue).

    The Wolfmother Forums have gradually grown from the initial few members to now just under 750, with 1,473 threads and 68,583 posts.

    The site has had a couple of redesigns during that time, as have the forums, but I think it’s time for another and I am currently developing a new main site that hopefully will launch in coming weeks.

    Also coming up very soon is a competition with some great prizes! Or rather, a series of competitions, maybe – I haven’t decided yet. Complete the poll below to express your preference. The prizes include things like tshirts, the EP, vinyl, CDs, postcards, etc.

    Finally, thanks to you all for visiting and being part of the Wolfmother community. Here’s to another two years (by which time the new album might have been released!).

    Virginia Wolfmother

    January 30, 2008

    NME celebrated Burns Night by seeing which bands they could turn into literary figures. Along with Virginia Wolfmother, they also came up with:

    • Stephen Kings Of Leon
    • Martin A-Missy Elliott
    • Just Jack Kerouac
    • Brett Easton Elvis
    • Shakespeare’s Sister
    • Jay Kay Rowling
    • Charles Baudel-Air
    • James Ellroyksopp
    • TS Elliott Smith
    • Charles Bukowskid Row
    • JK Rowling Stones
    • The Boo-Conradleys
    • Lewis Carroll King
    • Raymond Car-Verve

    You can see a few of the other suggestions in the comments.

    Anyone think of any more good ones?

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