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we’ve waited a long time for this album. this waiting has raised my expectations alot, it’s like “you’ve had 3 fuckin years to do this so it better be good”. and the result is in my opinion just an “ok” album. my grading scale gave it a 75% (the first album got a 92% on this scale). it seems to me like alot of their swagger is gone, parts of the album are awkward or forced or recycled. it pains me that they’ve lost the raw aspect of their music in this album… the first album was soooo raaaawww. and the energy is less, it just doesnt make me want to mosh like crazy like the other album did… the song “white feather” is just bad, its the lowest part of the album in my opinion, its so just forced and it is NOT the Wolfmother i know and love. the album would have been leaps and bounds better if even just this one track was gone. theres alot of other average songs with their own little awkward qualities and bits that irk me. there is hope however, a few select tracks on this album truly sound like the real wolfmother… California Queen is good. New Moon Rising is also very good (a tad weak lyrically). In the Morning is a verry solid track reminiscint of Vagabond. Cosmic Egg is also a good track. i think Back round is the best track, it is the only one i gave a 10/10.

here’s how the grading scale shakes out.

Cosmic Egg

California Queen – 8
New Moon Rising – 9
White Feather – 5
Sundial – 7
In The Morning – 9
10,000 Feet – 6
Cosmic Egg – 9
Far Away – 7

Cosmonaut – 7
Pilgrim – 8
Eyes Open -6
Back Round – 10
In The Castle – 7
Caroline – 8
Phoenix – 6
Violence Of the Sun – 8


so basically i feel as though andrew has hit the sophomore slump, i say andrew and not wolfmother because andrew is the constant between the two albums. i hope he can shake it off and come out with another kickass album like the first one.


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  1. Dylan on December 28th, 2011 12:54 am

    I completely agree with the review

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